Planetary Terraforming System

In the Earth's current condition the design of fuel less design systems lead to mechanisms that can allow for the power density to terraform the adjacent planets. 

Venus, then being a high carbon dioxide atmosphere with extremely high temperatures, can be chilled by multiple method using the solar diffusion satellites listed at .

The solar shielding satellites  are used to reduce the planets solar gain dimming the sun like an electric umbrella. The satellites dim the sun by transmitting electrons in a cone, dropping the atmospheric CO2 (carbon dioxide), temperature to lower levels. The upper atmosphere can also be chilled using the cold of outer space to further drop the temperature mechanically.

Additional satellites will then process at altitude, atmospheric gas collected from low orbit and forced low cooled by the temperature of outer space. This further chills the surface of the planet.

It may take multiple craft active to drop the temperature to levels allowing for equipment to then further stratify and sequester the heat trapping CO2.


Once the temperature has dropped by mechanical method, then allowing for an air stratification mechanism to then sequester the gas carbon dioxide. The CO2 is encapsulated as dry ice in canyons capped by algae derived plastic.

The following heavy lift transport vehicle design system then suitable to be used with the solar radiation "diffuser" satellites listed at The asteroid miner

then used as a heavy lift transport mechanism and Nitrogen liberation system for the refrigerant for the super coolers and used to super cool the CO2 causing dry ice.  The Nitrogen is then discharged atop the super cold liquid CO2 to then freeze the CO2 in canyons to then be plastic capped.

Atmospheric stratification systems listed at;

Nitrogen may have to be liberated by the miner heating terrafirma (Venus), dirt / rock.

Oxygen then derived via atmospheric stratification using with additional Amine (CO2 scrubbing system), as a function of the turbulence generator "to then" liberate the Oxygen and strip the carbon as solid particle. The "turbulence generator system" may be affixed upon a flight deck using seal lift fuel less electric propulsion system to "land" multiple craft at different geographic location where the terrain provides adequate natural basin to fill with dry ice.

Planetary "geomagnetic" field then stabilized by polar orbital satellites.

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