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Design Desk Incorporated
Climate Change Mitigation Technology
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Prepared by Eric Jason Crews Founder / CEO

Executive Summary


Design Desk Incorporated is a product development firm involved with the production of design
systems to solve major societal issues. Among the solves are Climate Change ( due to Carbon
Dioxide)via fuel less Utility scale power plants, "Peak Oil", hunger ( unlimited oceanic distillation by fuel less generator systems). Our designs are cost effective to implement and money machines themselves. They will operate 24/7/365.25

The design systems replace fossil fuels for transportation and we are seeking funding for an
automotive manufacturing facility to produce superior electric cars that use "active" generation
providing for unlimited range electric vehicles that do not require charging as the design
systems do not require an electrical storage battery.

Currently the electric car market is to expensive for many people within the mass population.
The transportation sector is in dire need of a correct alternative that also does not require
billions of dollars to install charging stations. We are the company to bring these things to the
masses. Please examine all design systems upon


The objective is to produce a low cost automotive product with superior construction! The
component materials selected are intended to cause a greater life span of the product. The tool
functionality by the design ergonomics allows less maintenance difficulty by correct design then allowing owner to preform maintenance with less cost and difficulty of replacing an automotive component. This yields a greater value within the product without compromising the vehicles safety features. The design system is a zero emission vehicle!


With "Peak Oil" looming and the world economies then teetering upon collapse, if the energy
cycle fails, we have solved the transportation system energy requirement by using the drafting
of a pressurized fluid across an incline gearing system to yield a stable "baug" resistant power
ban to then be applied to a perpetual motion electric automotive product. Please examine the


Design Desk Inc. has produced design systems to mitigate hazards for many conditions.
Our design systems are intended to act as “insurance policy”...  Insurance !
Our innovations alter conditions that produce the requirement for the insurance  companies to pay the “claims” due to natural disasters.
Catastrophe mitigation tools change the profit / loss equation in a positive fashion for the insurance companies.
Investing in Climate Change mitigation equipment is good for the insurance industry. The current cost of replacing assets insured, considering;

* “Peak Oil”
* Energy use projections / energy cost
* The fresh water problem
* Population incline
* Drought
* Flood
* Storm
* Fire ( wildfire and domicile / house fire )…,

The situations are compounding problems.
Factoring the devaluation of currency, monetary inflation rate, and energy cost associated with production of goods and services, we have determined that financial corrections must occur for the economy’s stable operation.

Our product designs are intended to cause a safer economy allowing for more economic stability avoiding “Hyper Inflation” (due to "Peak Oil"), and the subsequent “Economic Depression” that may follow.
Our products cause  alterations that affect the structure of business in a positive fashion then allowing for commerce to continue with less financial upheaval due to destructive environmental conditions.
The social fabric of society is then made more resilient allowing for more peaceful situations between different countries when war over natural resource may then be avoided.
We do request that the technical merit of our design systems be fully investigated.
Operational cost of the advanced systems are then subsequently negated by the use of the systems
Our product designs address hazards in the following categories;
*Geophysical –Earth quake / atmospheric / wildfire / house fire /  Tsunami
*Meteorological –Hurricane / tornado / flooding  
*Climatological –Climate Change / global warming /  drought / the fresh water cycle
*Biological –Pesticide free farm methods /agriculture / pandemic prevention tools

Currently the life span of a well built automobile is 10 years at best with daily use. Our design
systems will be made of superior materials ( Stainless Steel sub frames / metal refinement in
fuel less electric furnaces..brings the cost down ) and will also contain quick assembly cellulose
acetate body panels with carbon graphite within thermo-setting resin (plastic ) encasing a
stainless steel support frame ( the car won't rust ) .

There are also metal stabilizers then locking the snap together components as a superior impact frame by using deflection ( force scatter) instead of crumple ( absorption ) within the "shock" frame.

The design premise is a snap together automotive product ( passenger compartment )
then locking to the sub frame with cartridge type generator extraction availability. The electric
motor and transmission then attached tot he sub-frame.

Ease of maintenance ( like in the old days) is possible and over all good for the seller and buyer of the advanced automotive products.


By using an installation that grows automotive components ( please view ) then reducing the cost of the final
product and then also subsidizeing the cost of assembly of other components by selling the waste by product of the algae bio reactor as Utility scale electricity, will lower the over all whole sale and retail cost of the final product.

This will yield a higher value product at less cost to "under cut" the automotive industry then flooding the market with a fuel less perpetual motion electric automobiles.

The processes involved are further described upon
These systems will generate millions of jobs globally!


Following please find direct response to the questions presented to us as per required..

How much cash money does the client already invested or has available to be invested in the

Design Desk Inc. has invested 8 years of labor in logic reduction to stabilize the contained
design systems. Copyright protection allows us to self infringe to the patent with additional
modifications for the products that will be licensed to others... We would prefer to Manufacture the systems ourselves.

Clear purpose for the Use of Funds..

Design Desk Inc is a C-Corporation "Hub" design as a business model.. The company will spin off subsidiaries then to also effect other areas within the economy to benefit others industries also then assisting in controlling the inflation rate and assisting individuals to then be calm about their incurred debt by reducing the monthly expenditures that families and students have encountered. Following please find a rough cost break down...

The requested 1 Billion USD will be spent in the following manner ( approximation )

Land purchase $ 5M

Facility construction $10M

Facility equipment required for product production $20M

Raw materials for the products ( will tread when sales are occurring ) $20M

Insurance ( block deposit to then use the interest to pay the insurance ) $ 100M

Dormitories ( rent free living spaces for workers ) $5M

Retirement plans ( block deposit to then use the interest to feed the accounts ) $100M

R&D ( engineering refinements ) $ 2M

Information Technologies ( hard ware / software )$ 1M

Facility Utilities ( one time expense / minor maintenance )$ 5M

Payroll ( treads with sales time delay of 6 months buffer )$ 25M

Advertising $10M

Intellectual Property fees ( utility patents )$ 1M

UL under writing ( will occur in stages ) $35,000 per Utility patent $1M

Permit fees ( only for expansion and initial start up ) 100k

Land Taxes "start up" requires property tax $ 1M ( sales tax will tread on profits )

Loan repayment schedule ( 6 month buffer )

Because of the diversification of the design systems then implemented in many different areas of industry the repayment of the initial loan then should not be a problem.

Remainder of the initial loan will then be held also allowing, on a schedule, for the company to
purchase it's own stock.

Clearly state the length of time from funding that it will take until the company will reach
stabilized cash flow.....

The production facility will take approximately 18 - 24 months then being fully functional
yielding a profit within 36 months.

* Please understand what the stock will do when the company goes public.... :) 

The requested loan repays the full amount in short time frame... paper shuffle....

This is a massive undertaking.... I am ready!


Fund us :). Requesting $1 Billion USD,  for the automotive production facility and other designs
upon . Please note Design Desk Inc is a corporate "Hub" design itself...
other business then branching off the design systems.


Due to the massive information compiling that will be required for the proforma to be
completed as these systems are compounding generators of money... the products are money
factories... as salable electricity rates also differ in different geographic locations.. completing
the proforma in quite involved. Please understand that if further information in this regard is
absolutely required it can be provided.. yet as an exponent generator hard to fathom....

For more information:

Eric Jason Crews CEO, Project Manger - Design Desk Inc.
209 Upland Rd. Blacksburg, Virginia 24060
Phone: 1-540-552-0021

Closing Statements:

Design Desk Inc. is dedicated to the advancement of ecology protection technology. We are presenting a different direction for the economy through the work being presented.
Please examine all design systems upon;

Design Desk Incorporated
209 Upland Rd.
Blacksburg, Virginia

We thank you for your time and for allowing us to present some of our disruptive innovations.