Design Desk Inc. is a product development company that analyzes large scale environmental problems and solves issues by design.

      The impact is wide and far reaching as the applied design systems replace the fossil fuel industry and will usher in a new era of space flight for all people.

      We have addressed the global  fresh water problem and have designed systems that correct the problem.

      Products range in scope from fuel less perpetual micro de-humidification systems that will prevent illness from water born illness and plagues from pestilence that transmit disease to environmental ecological protection tools to protect from Volcano , Hurricane / Typhoon , Tornado, Tsunami.

      Design Desk Inc. 's product portfolio deals with the recycling of work within
an applied system implementing applied physics to obtain high velocity and
over unity production of electricity yielding  perpetual locomotion in all forms for the automotive industry.

      We like the idea of turning on the light switch and causing an act of charity.Think of what it does currently so with an alteration we can cause acts of charity with the use of any process that involves electrical current ...watching Tv or opening the fridge...heating food....traffic lights ...flushing the toilet.... every key stroke  and click of a mouse..you get the idea...

      DESIGN DESK INC.' s business model is a compelling study.

      This corporate structure will alter also other peoples industries
making them more profitable and allowing more diversity in critical
areas of human advancement assisting the human to win the "race".

      DESIGN DESK INC. is positioned to win because of the pledge to also serve
in charity for poverty reduction to many ranges of existence in their current conditions and
 within the corporate structure must remain 50 % of profits for tithes
(church plate) to


      The business challenge in front of failing economies is employment opportunity
requiring education cooperation and the willingness for directions that in history
have divided nations people cultures leading to strife, intolerance
and violence....we all must  overcome.

      As a gesture of good will a few  introductory products have been  donated to the world;

The following html are "open source" free to use...

http://www.designdeskinc.com/Electric_Automobile.html( an old promise hahahey..) .
















The revenue for this company will be attained by people purchasing
the applied systems ( being affordable ). The market is within every sector
of the global economy. The market is ready for change in the current
conditions of the economies. The technologies are in the research and
development phase with the intellectual property rights secured under
United States copyright.

      The competition in the energy market at present invest millions of dollars into
nuclear ,wind , solar power and "clean coal " generation system and all are
made obsolete.

       Currently all of these technologies produce waste by- products
in their manufacturing process and or in their usage, some last a very long
time.  We have found that correct design systems will produce electricity as a salable waste by product also yielding salable commodities.

       The competitors can embrace DESIGN DESK INC. , by
participating in the ventures yielding an ever expanding profit margin

       At this point I would also like to address the difference between
DESIGN DESK INC.'s  product line and the primary advantage above
the current system of centralized utility service for electrical service.

      DESIGN DESK INC. products are power sources not converters of energy. These design systems will also correct any economic depression caused by hyper-inflation due to the effects of peak oil, avoiding a problem for business and the banking industry.

      The designs are not effected by inclement weather  because they do not require long distance power transmission lines,
nor do they require bright sun or constant breeze to provide constant electrical current . The systems require no fuel consumption for
operation and produce zero emissions provided that is the designs intention. The trace ozone production from electrical generators can be
corrected with in the systems to be non hazardous exterior house hold use or utilized for stratospheric ozone layer repair.

      This can be critical for people's safety in certain  situations.


       Many companies try to innovate with regards to the "efficiency factor",
ie. using less energy to obtain a similar result...,  "green design", but with
out changing the power system that drives the adaptation global warming will continue.
Our products are considered a "disruptive  technology" and we have determined
it necessary to implement them due to the population 's energy requirement and the current state of condition of the environment.



                                        Design Desk Inc.


Geoengineering - Climate Change Mitigation

Design Desk Inc.