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Sonic Automated Pollenator ( "mechanical bee" Asteroid mitigation Tool)

The following "sealed force vectoring" flight system operates upon a fuel less platform using low frequency audio pulse to pollinate crops in the field 24 / 7.

Since the flight system does not cause physical discharge from the craft it can be used in outer space to then serve multiple functions such as asteroid mitigation and or to process metal in space to de-Gauss it.

 Empty space contains electrical charge.... a magnetization / "Gauss effect" then occurs in metals contained within asteroids.... this alters their orbital trajectories.... orbital trajectories then within the mapping catalogs must be updated.... to compensate for the gradual magnetic increase of induced magnetism and when solar flares or interstellar super nova burst waves occur as they can carry magnetic "bubbles"....then inducing magnetism within asteroids... Planetary magnetic fields, of solar system planets, also a factor in the asteroid Gauss problem assessment.

The design operates within an rf ( radio frequency) "fence", to then stay in the boundaries of the crop in the field. When applied in environments, attempting the reversal of desertification... this design has a high performance capacity compared to insect pollination.

The flora then requires a little assistance regarding pollination... This design, then in tandem with unlimited fresh water availability, can reverse the failed pollination situation where as introducing insect life to pollinate might not work well due to environmental conditions then being to stressful for the insect life. The system may accommodate a seed planting aperture (seeder), base docking, to then replant a forest or CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) sequestering scrub grass. When replanting forest, a center point rf (radio frequency), beacon would control the range of the craft... establishing the tree planting boundary.

The electric jet system then powered by the fuel less hydraulic draft accelerator while generating electricity to increase the electric jet's input electrical current level. This increases the hyper jets and vacuum hyper jets total speed to attain sealed force vectoring. The design maintains a pressure bubble within the main engine chamber then injecting air (Argon) pressure into vacuum causing lift.

Parts List

1. red beacon lamp

2. white light "ring" shows both sides

3. lamp cover (different color lamps may indicate function)

4. vacuum producing electric "hyper jet"

5. audio speaker open port sum of 12 about 360 degrees

6. air flow impeller (input rotation to the ratio gear set driving the air flow compressor) and electric drive

    motor about the circumference of the air flow impeller

7. transonic air flow compressor and P.M. (permanent magnet Dc [direct current} electricity generator)

8. "air flow return "coil" injection tube - "pressurizes" the upper electric jet Letter "B's" air intake chamber

9. thru bore electrical current transfer "slip ring and lift / direction electric jet positional servo motor - allows the electric

    jet to rotate 360 degrees about the mounting axis while electrical current is then able to be transferred

10. upper air flow injection coil / tube - intake air flow coil to letter "C"

11.  air chamber - intake air flow chamber to letter "B"

12. main electric lift jet air flow compressor and electricity generator about the circumference

13. main electric lift jet air flow impeller (input rotational torque to the ratio gear set containing an R.P.M.

      sensor to then "govern" the rate / speed of the lift jet adjusting altitude)

14. main force static "nullification" air flow "return coil / tube"

15. main lift electric jet venturi "funnel" causes higher air flow exhaust pressure

16. venturi air flow diffuser open port tube allowing low pressure effect in the chamber being causes by

      the sum of four vacuum producing hyper electric jets number 4 at quadrant points about 360 degrees from

      the top view center point

17. vacuum jet intake manifold (upon each vacuum jet)

18. screened air port (hole bore) allows the audio speaker to cause percussion correctly

19. funnel venturi diffuser horizontal vacuum jet intake tube

20. avionics / flight logic electronics / communications electronics / refrigeration evaporator

21. hyper drafting fuel less generator "bay" / refrigeration evaporator -the generator then centrifuge mounted

      to maintain fluid location in zero gravity will then act as a brush-less electricity generator with the current

      "pick- up" upon the circumference of the centrifuge. The system contains counter spin resistance unit with

      electric balance resistance so that the navigation of the vessel is not effected by the generator system

       preventing "roll" to  then maintain course settings...

22. audio speaker magnet (audio speaker coil assembly)

23. audio speaker mounting system sum of 12 about 360 degrees

24. audio speaker mounting system sum of 12 about 360 degrees

25. infra red camera and visual camera information unit - allows the detection "location" of the flowers to

      be pollinated by the percussion of the audio speaker using low tone

26. infra red camera / altimeter sensor

27. visual camera / lamp and air pressure discharge port, air pressure extrapolated from the

      generator system's air compression cycle

28. air pressure hose

29. audio speaker magnet

30. oil drain (base of the dual component pressure tank)

31. oil drain (base of the dual component pressure tank)

32. pneumatic over pressure safety valve (vents to the exterior) and pneumatic pressure

      sensor (electric) that communicates with the logic processing "system mapping" electronics to switch

      the "start" air impeller to the air compressor function via valve number 41 then being automatically adjusted

33. pneumatic "tank top mount" air compression fitting

34. dual component air pressure and oil "hydraulic fluid" pressure tank air pressure causes oil pressure

35.  pneumatic "tank top mount" air compression fitting

36. hydraulic fluid (top mount) oil -"silicon oil" / hydraulic fluid "oil return" compression fitting

37. one way valve

38. oil fill and oil level "send" (detects the level of oil within the dual component pressure storage tank)

39.  generator system logic processor / electricity management control / electronic sensor

       processing / relay and fuse "block"

40.  inductance control - control dissipation of induced static electricity - motion of fluid even non

       electrically conductive hydraulic oil can induce electrical charge building capacitance ... this unit then

       control dissipates the unwanted electrical charge for safe system operation... an "artificial electrical ground". 

       System mounting frame / bracket is then the electrical ground "electrically connected" to the static electricity

       dissipation unit also controlling the dissipation of unwanted magnetic inductance to prevent an electrical

       shock hazard.


41. air flow direction electric position valve - natural position closed opens to "start the generator" closes while

      the generator is in the "run" mode and positions to "re-fill" the operating pneumatic pressure within the

      dual component pressure storage tank number 34

42. oil retainer encasement drive chain and sprocket system sealed lubrication encasement - non

      flammable lubrication / non electrically conductive lubrication

43. oil fill port / top casing plug

44. electricity generator

45. dual shaft electric drive motor

46. voltage regulator out put electrical current electrifies induces the field coil of the main

      electricity generator number 47

47. main electricity generator

48. large sprocket

49. small sprocket

50. dual function air compressor  / air "start" impeller

51. air intake and or air exhaust filter "box" and air filter

52. audio speaker external exposed surface then of material atop the actual speaker to then retain air borne

      pollen.  A looped fiber mesh will then retain the pollen also by slight magnetic tilt in the material

53. dual valve unit system speed adjustment valve - electric positioning valve via solenoid system

54. electric valve solenoid

55. hydraulic fluid impeller "fluid draft impeller" causes system speed advancement via fluid suction incurred

      by the high speed hydraulic pump , number 57 rotating faster than the impeller caused by the system ratio

      gear set, number 72, and the drive chain and sprocket system within the oil lubrication encasement

56. divergence valve / system speed safety "speed limiter valve" allows the dampener valve to open under

      high suction for flow pipe structural integrity and allows for fluid pressure to "by-pass" the hydraulic draft

      impeller causing stable "system run speed" used in tandem with the electric "re-introduction circuit

      electric "throttle" circuit

57. high speed hydraulic pump

58. hall effect R.P.M. (revolutions per minute sensor) used to regulate the system electrical "re-introduction" circuit

      to increase the total speed of the generator producing higher levels of available output electricity. ie.... "a

      percentile of generated electricity" is then able to be "re-introduced" to the generator's drive line's electric motor to

      increase the generator's electricity output level.

59. multi position electric valve changes the air flow direction for the air impeller, number 50, to allow air pressure

      from the dual component pressure storage tank to cause system "Start rotation" or to then change direction

      causing the air impeller to act as an air compressor then "re-filling" the dual component pressure storage

      tank, number 34, with air pressure also directional compression fitting for the air discharge pressure line

      to the pollinator tip (air pressure discharge tip) upon number 27.

60. pneumatic one way "fill valve" cause the air pressure within the dual component pressure storage tank,

      number 34, to then be "set" at the the system's "operating pneumatic pressure level"

61. oil flow pipe

62. venturi shutter "throttle" valve

63. electric "throttle valve / shutter valve" electric position electric motor and mechanical linkage system

64. electric jet ratio gear set system (contains r.p.m. sensors that report to the avionics) aligned so that the high

      side of the 1:10 ratio is then causing higher air flow compressor speed

65. ribbon wire multi wire / communications wire - communicates with the lift jet and positional servo to the

      control the flight of the unit

66. air flow compressor circumference electric motor

67. air flow impeller circumference electric motor

68. dynamo

69. electric jet ratio gear set system (contains r.p.m. sensors that report to the avionics) aligned so that the high
      side of the 1:10 ratio is then causing higher air flow compressor speed

70. counter weight balance ring to allow for "balanced" tilt when the unit is directing the audio speaker toward

      the flower to be pollinated

71. air flow guide

72. 1: 2 sealed lubrication ratio gear set - high side rotation union tandem with the oil pumps internal "pump wheel"


The above design system is intended to then be able to operate in environments where natural or manual pollination becomes to involved. The design is a high speed device then being able to "re-introduce" produced electricity back into the system electric motors both for the electric lift jets that cause closed cycle propulsion (sealed force vectoring) and to the generator's electric drive motors to produce ample excess electrical current for lighting / avionics / audio pulse systems / radio frequency systems - navigation and flight position systems. 

The design's generator system is a "pressurized hydraulic draft accelerator" using an electrical re-introduction circuit to "throttle" the power generator into high velocity rotation yielding excess electrical current to then be applied to the craft's sealed lift engine systems. Hydraulic fluid does not stretch in the confinement of a rigid flow pipe so when the hydraulic pump is "pulling" fluid across a preceding hydraulic drive impeller the pressurized oil then returns to confinement under pneumatic pressure faster than the discharge of hydraulic fluid (electrically non conductive and non flammable hydraulic oil). The air flow compressors also then generating electricity about their circumference generator also able to be re-introduced into the electric jets electric drive electric motors.

The generator system, number 21, then speed regulated by R.P.M. sensor and by max speed limiter hydraulic draft by-pass valve number 56. The "operating pneumatic pressure in the dual component (hydraulic fluid and air pressure) pressure tank, number 34, then of sufficient air pressure to then counter act upon / nullify the electromagnetic resistance of the generators traversing magnetic fields, the mechanical resistance encountered within the ratio gear set and the drive chain and sprocket system. Air pressure in the said pressure storage tank causes oil pressure acting then like a large compression "piston" as the exposed surface area of the oil is exposed to the air pressure.

Number 21, then used for outer space functioning, is then mounted upon a centrifuge to maintain fluid location,

(circumference), for system "Start" the centrifuge then driven by electric motor and electrified by battery. For outer space functioning, number 21, is then also double encased with the outer encasement acting as a gas capture cycle to then allow the dual component pressure storage tank to discharge into encased lower pressure also able then to allow the generator system to pull gas pressure from the outer encasement re-pressurizing the dual component pressure storage tank used in number 21.

The system's audio speaker then also acting as a pollen collector upon it's exposed surface so that when the low tone audio pulse is instigated a cloud of pollen is then ejected in front of the air displacement nozzle, number 27 then directing the pollen to the flower..... The infrared and visual cameras assist in avionics flight positional systems and detection of the flower to then cause the designs function sequencing...  ie... the drone finds the flower tilts the speaker (audio pulse), and initiates air discharge to then pollinate the flower.. sequence repeats upon the next flower detected.....

Since the design can operate 24/7 the amount of plants pollinated in a given time frame is then at higher rate. With the current bee colony collapse disorder occurring stabilization of pollination for fruits and vegetables is critical.  A safety system for food pollination assist in solving global hunger.

The design coil "return" air flow "Argon" - inert Nobel Gas, coil manifolds then "off-set" the reactant force in the force equation by reintroducing the air flow at 90 degrees nullifying the static in the force equation allowing constant high pressure then "injected" into vacuum.

* Note - number 21 and number 25 are then connected together with dual video communication wiring

             and additional electrical power feed wires......

* Note - the "designs" scale then of variable size 10" (inches) tall thru 10'+ (feet) tall. The larger size then fitted with

             additional cold plasma toroid compression engine system, listed at;

    to then serve as

             a  N.E.O. (Near Earth Object / asteroid impact mitigation), mitigation tool driven remotely.

            The long range engine additions then mounted  upon the servo mounted electric jets so that they

            would then be in addition to the sealed force vectoring electric hyper jets letter "A". The asteroid capture

            net then locked to the craft hull upon the "open hoop" (open bore of the lamp ring).  The "hoop" then used

            to lock a heated net of large diameter to mitigate inbound  asteroids remotely. 

            A "Near Earth Object Mitigation tool" then about the circumference of the net with multiple craft at

            equal distant degrees ..... Triangular nets then would be tethered at the apex of the net. The net may

            be electric tether wench and reel connected to the hull to allow for greater effective distance to control

            large asteroids..... Always approach / "capture" asteroids by netting them from behind. This allows

            for controlled pressurization of the net system and gradual trajectory correction using the sealed

            force vectoring pneumatic thrust system within the mechanical bee.....

             This system reduces the total cost of mitigation and allows the travel speed /response time, of the mitigation

             method to then be responsive in a timely fashion due to the  rate of travel of the cold plasma

             drive. Lifting large nets will implement multiple craft about the circumference of the heated net. The

             speaker then a  communications antenna transmitter / receiver system allows the operator to

             then control / drive the N.E.O. correction remotely. *note - beacon lamp, number 1, then hinge mounted

             to "recess" into the ring housing when then craft is in mitigation function.

* note - a proximity sensor system is then onboard detecting other units of the same type to then prevent accidents

             mid air collision when multiple units are applied over one field

* Note - This system may be adapted to then act as a remote wildfire suppression system then using the

             active reduction of Nitrogen (air distillation), used as a fire suppressant directly from the surrounding

             air using a small cost effective unit to then distill air for "active" fire suppressant harvest upon the unit.

* note - this system may be useful in litter clean up if equipped with low pressure hydraulic grappling....

            one compressor lever upon the front one compressor lever upon the back of the unit with slight lift

            shock absorption upon the mounting assembly (manual operator required !) This avoids human disease

            being incurred to the clean up crews if contamination (radiation) or pathogen is then in the refuse.

* Note - the design may also be adapted to then be used in a similar fashion for solar gain reduction then in a

             similar manor to the solar radiation diffuser satellite listed at

    The speaker system then the

             location of the diffuser's incident cone transmitter and electron injection system. This may be a smaller

             more cost effective method to then reduce the total solar gain (watt per meter) to control global warming

             by reducing / compensating for the pollution particles falling out of the atmosphere when switching to

             clean energy systems.  An "electric umbrella" transmitting electrons upon a carrier wave in the shape

             of a cone, toward the Sun, to shield the total planet from a singular object... multiple craft then in

             redundant function may be required. The design then not to cause unwanted magnetic "Gauss" of

             asteroids upon the opposite side of the Sun.

* note - the craft may be use for agricultural irrigation as an alternative to expensive center pivot irrigation.. either

             in a similar fashion to center pivot where the topography is inclined allowing for viable land to be utilized

             that would otherwise be to difficult to irrigate. The hose then clamped thru the "open ring" to dispense

             water along the length of connected units operating in tandem. The design also then could be used for

             radio tag location of plants... single water dump flying independently

* note - depending upon scale and function the refrigeration of the avionics and electricity management control

             then may be required. The refrigeration condenser placed within the open ports at number 18, as

             a "ring" condenser with the refrigeration evaporator then within the electronics "bay" cooling both

             number 20 and number 21. The cooling "effect" then able to transfer to the system venturi via the

             internal  frame structural members that are thermally insulated. This aids in keeping the

             circumference windings upon the main engine system wire windings and magnets cool...

* Note - when the design is used with a "human" habitation flight sphere, lock docking within the open lamp ring,

             the high speed flight direction then would be with the "audio speaker end"  then the forward flight direction.

            The "audio speaker end", then converted to high gain communications with an impact shield, will be used to

             deflect  micro meteorite while in high speed flight. The lamp cap dome upon the servo mounted side

             thrust assemblies then in the same fashion. The impact deflection "shield" then protects the

             engine assemblies and pilot. The deflection / impact shield assemblies then contain cameras / other

             sensors - infrared / ultraviolet sensor - radiation sensor to report video to the helm display.

* Note - vessel magnetic field shielding then also may emanate from the "audio speaker end rim" as

             circular electromagnet (circular circumference magnetic south pole outward - sealed north magnetic pole

             then aligned toward the center point of the rim).

             The electromagnetic magnetic field then "extends" from the audio speaker end (rim)  to the lamp ring

             hinged beacon electromagnet ( "beacon" magnetic north pole exposed - south pole sealed) where the

             electromagnetic "gain" is then controlled from the flight sphere de-energizing vessel hull and high gain

             inductance within  the lamp ring due to radiation / environmental magnetism to "maintain" biological protective

             shielding. The flight habitation sphere is magnetically insulated and radiation shielded.