Geomagnetic Field Amplifier

The following design system is intended to assist in the increase of the geomagnetic field of the Earth.  The device then able to break gravity and maintain electrical production to "transmit" a magnetic field increasing the total field strength. Currently the Earth's populations common knowledge contains the observed failing geomagnetic field.

The Earth's polar ice melt due to Global warming produced by Carbon Dioxide (fossil fuel emissions) has impact upon the rotation of the Earth possibly affecting the Geomagnetic field. Earth Mantel flow produces the Magnetic field and  an inclining "wobble" might disrupt the Magnetic field intensity causing higher radiation permeation at ground level from the Sun itself. Mechanical supplements as magnetic field amplifier satellites is a good idea.

The magnetic turbulence of modern equipment then producing electromagnetic eddies in the greater Magnetosphere causing magnetic flow turbulence. The radioactive decay rate of Planetary core elements then is also a factor as the  radioactive material that is producing planet core heat, allowing the planet's core geo dynamo to cycle (mantle convection), causes heat loss over long time spans (radioactive half life),  this effects the Earth's magnetic shielding from the Sun itself.  The convection rate might have varying degrees of effectivity due to the current volume of heat producing material factoring pressure and Earth's rotation.

 The design described then is placed in low Earth orbit to increase the magnetic polarization of the North and South magnetic poles of the Earth.

The design polarity then with variance to correspond with the transmitted magnetic field, ie... north polarity then above the north pole geographic then the "transmitted" south pole above the south pole geographic. The design below then depicting the north pole alignment format.

Multiple device then placed above each pole of the Earth to then "re-Gauss" the planet "juicing" the geomagnetic field to "re-align" and increase the magnetic flow. The design has application to clean orbital space debris or control re-enter defunct satellites. The system also could be adapted to serve as an emergency aircraft landing system demonstrating slow descent vertical vector displacement to "hover land" the aircraft as a redundant flight safety tool.

Parts List

1. mono-pole electromagnet  array multiple electromagnets about 360 degrees sum of 24

    (only one pole emitting the opposite magnetic pole then magnetically insulated)

2. open bore hole

3. upper mounting structural frame bracket placed at unit circular quadrant points (also containing electrical transference wires

    within the structural member)

4. hollow bracket

5. toriod electromagnet outer casing

6. microwave transmitter "ring"

7. transmitter wave divider also as a mounting "union bracket" to stabilize the upper electromagnets circular ring" to the core electromagnet

8. hollow core electromagnet (only one pole exposed - opposite pole magnetically sealed - heavy load diodes upon the electrical

    wire + and resistor upon the - "return" electric wire protects the control electronics from environmental over induction ie... solar flare

    safety circuit)

9. high gain microwave transmitter

10. encased toroid electromagnet (lower "magnetic pole" magnetically insulated)

11. outer lamp ring casing - translucent

12. lamps

13. core hinge "bay" through bolt

14. connecting servo "arm" bushing - heavy gasket

15. union bolt

16. toroid electromagnet casing open bore - circular pattern about 360 degrees

17. shielded core electromagnet "also encased by hard encasement

18. union bolt

19. mounting bolts

20. lock nut

21.  rotating oil and air pressure "tumbler" pressure storage vessel ( sum of two total system within letter "B" for redundancy cross wired so

       that both "tumblers" can feed, oil or air pressure to the system's  generator system Letter "C" [ fluid oil pressure / air pressure] )

22. thru bore pressure transference slip ring - multiple exhaust oil / or air also with generator Letter "C" send or return oil pressure with

      pneumatic fill valve as one way valve "letter "G" also upon a "tee" union upon the exterior to "fill" the "tumbler" via one way valve, with

      air pressure and or oil "outer plate also as a mounting union point to the structural frame to stabilize the "tumbler"

23. revolutions per minute sensor (r.p.m. sensor) and electric drive motor unit causing the "tumbler to be able to "spin up" even in zero

      gravity to align the oil / air pressure for the hydraulic draft generator system to function correctly.

24. bearing race - pressure retaining mounting bore so that the electric motor's drive shaft then driving the "tumbler mount" bearing race

      mounting bracket and the half of the bearing race (closed to the electric motor), then used to mount the system to the structural frame

      of the housing.

25. thru bore current transfer slip ring and positional sensor used when rotating the oil jet with the electric servo motor

26. servo electric positional electric motor

27. thru bore current transfer slip ring and positional sensor used when rotating the oil jet with the electric servo motor

28. lamps

29. hydraulic impeller (hydraulic fluid "oil" impeller) causes union rotation with number 35

30. translucent lamp "dome"

31. venturi max pressure safety discharge valve and temperature sensor - safety vents oil pressure to the core thrust chamber via oil flow pipe

32. oil exhaust flow pipe

33. oil flow guide and max pressure safety vent system - the flow guide contains ports to direct over pressure to the max pressure safety valve

34. oil exhaust flow pipe

35. oil compressor and permanent magnet magneto (electricity generator), with current feed to the circumference mounted

      electromagnets upon the oil compressor (incline electrical current the directed through number 36 connecting unit "slip ring system"

      contained within number 53)

36. oil impeller and circumference electric drive motor "brush less" advances by hydraulic draft " fluid suction"

37. oil compressor and circumference "brush less" electric motor

38. oil drive impeller advances the "drive line assembly" by oil flow speed

39. main venturi max pressure / over pressure safety vent valve flow "coil" oil flow pipe

40.  external mechanical oil pump oil flow pipe

41. main oil flow coil type oil flow pipe

42. electric oil displacement "oil discharge" / system throttle valve

43. air pressure filled oil displacement "thrust chamber" oil injects into air pressure

44. external inline oil filter with speed of flow by pass

45. oil intake assembly

46. air pressure valve - one way valve

47. one way valve

48. electric actuation pneumatic pressure control valve

49. dual component air pressure / oil pressure tank - air pressure causes oil pressure. A high pressure vessel to then in math surpass the

      required work capacity factoring all mechanical and electromagnetic resistance produced within the total system.

50. one way valve

51. air pressure flow pipe

52. air pressure coupling

53. lubricated 1:10 ratio gear set aligned so that the output rotation then tandem to the permanent magnet Magneto oil pump number 35

      and the input rotation then tandem with number 36 - contains thru bore current transfer slip ring to increase the magnetic field emanating

      from the permanent magnet electromagnetic about the circumference of the generating oil compression fan yields higher electricity output

      from number 35

54. mechanical oil pump

55. oil jet mounting bracket

56. main venturi over pressure safety valve vents over pressure

57. main throttle valve shutter valve

58. one way valve

59. baffle diffuser with open bore holes

60. external oil fill plug threaded screw bolt uses safety lock washer

61. diffuser "baffle" divider cone sends the oil flow perpendicular

62. heated (electric heating resistor) electric oil injector - heats system's oil

63. electric pneumatic pressure valve

64. oil flow chamber "fill" oil flow pipe

65. electric oil flow valve

66. oil pressure chamber - pressurized by air pressure

67. plate piston moves by air pressure - contains ring and gland bushing hydraulic fluid pressure rated piston plate ring system

68. communications electronics

69. transmitter / antenna system

70. lubricated 1:10 ratio gear set aligned so that the output rotation then tandem with number 37 and input rotation then tandem with

      number 38 - contains r.p.m. ( revolutions per minute ) sensor to "regulate" oil jet speed reports to main logic electronic circuit paths

71.  external venturi over pressure valve discharge oil flow pipe directs oil to the hydraulic fluid / oil impeller number 29 union joined by

       external mount oil pressure compression couplings

72. system - oil jet chamber divider plate separated the wick assembly from the thrust assembly

73. electricity transfer multi wire "bus" clip

74. oil fill cap threaded

75. large sprocket

76. drive chain tension sprocket

77. receiving sprocket

78. drive chain and sprocket encasement oil retainer case - non flammable non electrically conductive lubrication

79. voltage regulator

80. permanent magnet "wound electromagnet" magneto "stepper" tilt system also "reacting from the oil jets electrical output to cause

      increased total system electricity availability - base root" cyclical pressure p.s.i. then to compound in electrical generation level of total cycle

81. oil pressure "start cycle" control valve

82. oil impeller

83. oil flow speed regulator inlet dampener valve - maintains oil flow pipe structural integrity

84. pneumatic "start" impeller

85. high volume oil pump - causes system advancement by the hydraulic draft of a pressurized fluid - system accelerator of drive lined union

      joined components in tandem with the reintroduction of produced electrical current

86. 1:10 ratio gear set output rotation tandem with number 85's internal pump wheel and input rotation tandem with

      fixed union drive line assembly containing number 88

87. r.p.m. sensor system speed control regulates the position of the oil flow valve and the logic mapping electronics potentiometer feeding

      current to the system "advancer" electric motor number 88

88. drive line electric motor dual shaft

89. oil pump union joined drive shaft to number 77 and, internal pump wheel number 89 and input coupling to number 86

90. oil filter

91. electric valve control solenoid

92. drive chain

93. oil flow pipe

94. high voltage electricity generator

95. pneumatic flow pipe

96. pneumatic "start valve" electric actuation

97. avionics main logic electronic circuit "box" flight control circuit boards and electricity management electronics thermal regulation

      system not to over heat the electronics inductance cage encased

98. lock washer

99. carbon foam radiation and electromagnetic pulse shielding insulation ( induction cage system  upon the inner surface of the outer hull )

100. magnetic oil plug / oil drain plug

101. external oil pressure injection fitting compression coupling directs hot oil from the oil injector into the chamber

Letter "A" = oil jet

Letter "B" = dual tumbler oil / air pressure chamber contains battery and battery charging system to "Start" the generator system and

                   electrify the logic electronic circuit boards - system on / off communications via transmitter and remote control logic electronic

                   circuit board reports system parameters to the remote control unit for safe functioning

Letter "C" = electricity generator / generator "bay" contents - inductance cage encased

Note - The geomagnetic field satellite may be used in tandem with to

           slow and cool  a coronal mass ejection  prior to impalement with the Solar Radiation Diffuser Satellite. Turbulence traversing a "wave"

           slows the  wave... magnetic  interference then produced by the geomagnetic field amplifier to slow / redirect solar flare...... spreading it

           apart dropping the thermal properties to then not cause excessive thermal fatigue upon the outer surface of the Solar Radiation

           Diffuser Satellite.  A cost effective method!

Note - electric components required for the system to operate then connect to the main logic logic mapping circuit control board.

Note - the system physical scale may be small to allow for cost effective implementation 36" (inches) - 96" (inches)

Note - for long range asteroid mitigation and or using the geomagnetic field amplifier to slow / re-direct solar flares the center core Letter "A" then

          may use

Note - the system may be placed at greater altitude in redundant systems ie. higher placement than for just feeding the Magnetosphere. The

           higher orbital placement then to act a as a primary deflection system to prevent low level (ground level) magnetic "storms".

           Effectively a satellite shielding system.

Note - the system may be placed to stop the recoil that causes the ground level geomagnetic storm using multiple satellites to "magnetic field

           direct"  the snap back / recoil, of high energy level  results of solar storm ( requires induction dissipation units) .



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