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Roof Mount Solar Panel Strip

The following solar panel system is a different approach to the installation of a roof top solar panel system. Currently solar panel installation is a bit costly so then being able to slowly add additional solar panel units when one can afford to increase the system size with out an extended purchase contract or debt incurred, will allow the conversion to solar power a bit less financially extraneous. A pay as can method...

The system then mounting so that the system increases the roof's ability to shed water.  From the ground viewing the roof top then aligned in a vertical fashion then atop the tilt of the roof.  the "base mounting "rail" will then lock the top insert solar panel from the apex of the roof.

The top solar panel then slides downward locking into the base mount that is affixed to the roof top via wood screws with water seal and rubber gaskets upon the wood screws. When installing the base mounts a  "spacer card" is used to then cause a small gap to account for thermal expansion.

The "thermal expansion gap" is filled with a silicone prior to the solar panel insert to then prevent mold within the "thermal expansion gap. The base mounting rail uses a  "base cap" so that the solar panel top insert then stops. The stop retainer then holds  top solar panel in place. 

Additionally when the height of the installation is complete an Apex cap" is installed to  "tie" the system closed. The electricity conversion system then able to convert different levels of Dc ( direct current ) to Ac ( alternating current ) as the system is expanded. The converter is connected to the homes system circuit box and or to electric storage batteries.  ( Massive battery storage is a problem in the cost of installation... so fuel less pressure cycles for  "Active" high density high voltage production can utilize smaller solar panel electrical storage battery systems allowing for automated  "start up"  of the  "active" generators with smaller electricity storage battery systems).

The power strips then in 1' (one foot) 2', 4', 6', and 8' length with connection clips to  "join" the individual units electrical wires together. The Apex cap then containing receptacle to then main  "bus" (wire bus), the individual panels together. The apex also has bore holes to securely affix the apex cap / multi wire  "bus" to the roof top. The apex ridge cap also allows for attic venting. The Apex also containing a wire docking clamp to then direct the electricity, via wires, to the Dc to Ac power inverter.

The inverter then with dual circuit multi wire clamp will allow the system to also feed electricity to the home circuit breaker and or to the optional additional fuel less generator system such


who's output electricity is directed through a surge suppressor and back to the homes circuit breaker box and on to the home's receptacles / outlets. The "Active generators should implement sealed electric motors and generators to then control low level Ozone production.