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PumpJack Power Head

The PumpJack Power Head is an advancement for the oil industry. Below please find the design that also incorporates an algae bio reactor and processing system to also lubricate the pumpjack allowing for the excess oil to refill the oil well additional "dumb coils" upon the out laying area may also be incorporated in this design.

The Pump Jack Power Head then containing the cross pump generator design as a fuel less generator that through an electricity thru bore currently transfer slip ring the produced electricity may then power the vertical motion of the well pump.

The algae bio reactor's dumb coils listed at

The system is good for dry wells with abandoned jacks .. it takes awhile to fill it but none the less a good idea.....

The algae char ash is first heated until dry then burned with electric resistor and then chilled by refrigeration system to emits cool dry ash via air compression launcher. Small volumes only....

The rest of the pump jack is standard type with the required current to operate is produced in the power head also powering all the rest of the designs systems.