PumpJack Power Head

The PumpJack Power Head is an advancement for the oil industry. Below please find the design that also incorporates an algae bio reactor and processing system to also lubricate the pumpjack allowing for the excess oil to refill the oil well additional "dumb coils" upon the out laying area may also be incorporated in this design.

The design system operates upon the "hydraulic draft effect". When pneumatically pressurized fluid is then pumped in confinement "through a pipe" with a hydraulic impeller preceding the hydraulic pump a "suction" effect will cause a rate of rotation incline when the drive line then implement a gear system rate of rotation incline. 

The system will also  "counter tilt" the mechanical resistance in the gear set by using an electric motor tandem rotating with the high side of the ratio gear set. The generator's magnetic field coil resistance in the total drive line math is counter acted upon by the basal ( base ) operating pneumatic pressure that also causes oil pressure. A percentile of the generated electricity then is reintroduced to the system electric drive motor contained in the ratio gear set.

The electric motor counter acting the mechanical resistance in the ratio gear set then allow for total system speed incline as the magnetic  "pressure" / induced motivation by electricity in the electric motor will then "ride" atop the fluid velocity implementing the  "hydraulic draft effect".

Total system regulation " system logic mapping and power "management" then controlled in number 41.

Parts List

1. pneumatic pressure tank

2. electric positional pneumatic flow control valve and air flex hose system - contains compression fittings has

    the ability to direct vent to the open air ... used when system restart is required.... then allows for the

    controlled decompression of the pneumatic pressure in the dual component pressure tank, number 3

3. dual component pressure storage tank ( hydraulic fluid "non flammable non electrically conductive - and

    air pressure pressure storage pressure tank)

4. oil flow control valve and connection pipe system

5. encased large sprocket

6. 1:4 ratio gear set rotational input side tandem with hydraulic impeller, number 7 - rotational out put side

    tandem rotating with number 5, large sprocket . The ratio gear set also then containing an internal electric motor

    who's armature is tandem rotating with the high side  "rotational output" of the ratio gear set... this allows for

    inclined system velocity as the magnetic  "pressure" then rides atop the fluid velocity rate.

7. hydraulic impeller

8. drive chain "within oil lubricated encasement

9. flow pipe

10. receiving sprocket "within" the lubrication encasement

11. hydraulic pump - circumference of the internal pump "wheel " then with twice the oil volume compared to

      the hydraulic impeller, number 7

12. voltage regulator

13. hydraulic pressure regulator over pressure safety valve dampener valve with oil flow discharge pipe

      that discharges oil to the dual component pressure storage tank should the pipe system produce excessive

      oil pressure

14. high voltage generator and magneto - the magneto is voltage regulated then electrifying the stator / field coil

      of the high voltage generator

15. hydraulic impeller with one way flow valve upon the oil return flow pipe

16. drive chain "within" lubrication encasement

17. receiving sprocket

18. air compressor internal electric assist  electric motor

19. air compressor air intake filter

20. piston type air compressor

21. one way air flow valve upon air pipe connection system

22. ultrasonic algae "cracker" electronics - cracks the algae to separate the husk from the oil - resonance pulser

23. multi wire - ribbon wire  wire  "bus" from the ultrasonic electronics to the ultrasonic emitter  "head"

24. algae oil "cracker" ultrasonic emitter "head" ( tuned amplitude and frequency )

25. algae / water mix cycle pumping system electric water pump

26. oil stratification tank

27. algae "husk pump"  electric pump sends cracked algae "husk" still containing oil residue to the

      centrifuge, number 32, for further oil extraction

28. oil derrick mounting tower

29. pump jack pivot (sealed lubrication)

30. centrifuge electric motor

31. cracked oil algae "husk" receiving box

32. electric centrifuge - spins to extract higher percentile of oil from the algae and  "dump" the spun residue

      unto a removal conveyor

33.  spun algae dump gate control system electric solenoid actuation works in sequence with the centrifuge in

       timed interval

34. spun algae removal conveyor belt electric motor

35. conveyor belt removes the spun algae to off load point

36. centrifuge oil extraction oil pump (suitable for oil well reintroduction by pump jack motion with oil injector

      upon the well bit)

37. heavy wet algae slurry electric auger electric motor removal system

38. oil tap (for direct  filtered out put oil)

39. wet algae auger

40. slurry inflow pipe and flex hose connector - transports the algae from the bio reactor to the oil

      stratification tank

41. pump jack power head electronica system power management and logic control circuits - causes the system

      by electric circuit to then preform it's intended function - electronic logic control circuits and electricity

      management system contain multi wire  "docking" wire "bus" connectors

42. water feed control valve - fills the algae growth coil with harvested humidity collected from the  "on-board"

      fuel less de-humidification system.

43. solar shade louver control system - causes sun shade for the growth coils at variable light levels

44. cool air blower duct

45. system H.V.A.C. ( heating and ventilation / air conditioning system, "keeps the growth coil at the correct

      temperature while harvesting water to fill the growth coil from the H.CV.A.C. system de-humifier effect from

      the cooling evaporator

46. power head counter weight - balances the pump jack

47. algae slurry transfer flex hose

48. solenoid solar shade louver control system "opens and closes" the sun shade louvers atop the algae growth

      coil retains the cool air from the system H.V.A.C. system.

49. pump jack "power head" - "fuel less electricity generator system"

50. electric blower forced air fan system delivers warm or cool air to the chamber then encasing the algae

      growth coils

51. remote transmitter - receiver communicates with remote control system to report  "status" of the pump jack

      also allows for on/ off and monitors for system fault to then allow the operator to be notified a problem has

      occurred with the individual pump jack - has  identification number and causes the air craft warning

      lamp to strobe light pulse.

52. beacon lamp / air craft warning lamp

53. power head mounting plate - allows for easy pump jack power head replacement

54.  algae "seed " injector

55.  power head "start up" rotary type pneumatic piston impeller

56. sprocket "within" lubricated encasement

57. electric actuated mechanical clutch - engages the drive line to then cause the air compressor to

      actuate - optional air compressor actuation via direct drive internal electric motor

58. one way flow valve upon the sir pressure flow pipe

59. main pump jack "derrick" electric motor also fed electricity by the pump jack power head

60. electricity management control box "on / off" switch communication display panel with control

      switching communicates with number 41 - contains the cross pump generator, listed at 

      ( https://www.designdeskinc.com/cross-pump-generator.html ), as the main power supply

      system provides adequate electricity to power  "dumb" algae coils that can be added to the system to increase

      the total system oil level output

61. derrick pump oil feed fitting causes filtered oil to then be pressurized into the dry oil well

62. electric oil pump

63. oil control flow valve

64. oil filter

65. oil level meter reports to the system logic / mapping - control circuits to "maintain" oil level height within

      the oil stratification tank - sonic bouncer sensor system -

66. oil drain and electric actuation ( solenoid) a mechanical dampener valve -

67. pneumatic max pressure over pressure pressure relief valve

68. flow pipes

69. flow pipe

70. algae slurry flow control valve electric positioning

71. algae growth coil

72. solar shade louvers (adjustable) outer surface is solar panel then also connected to the system logic

      processor number 41 to then assist in system "Start up"

* Note - a percentile of produced electricity in number 14 is then "re-introduced" to the internal electric motor

             in number 6 who's armature is tandem rotating with the high side out put of the ratio gear set.  This allows

             for the system speed incline to then produce adequate levels of electrical current to provide electricity for

             the system to operate.


The Pump Jack Power Head then containing the cross pump generator design as a fuel less generator that through an electricity thru bore currently transfer slip ring the produced electricity may then power the vertical motion of the well pump.

The algae bio reactor's dumb coils listed at  http://www.designdeskinc.com/algae-bio-reactor.html

The system is good for dry wells with abandoned jacks .. it takes awhile to fill it but none the less a good idea.....

The algae char ash is first heated until dry then burned with electric resistor and then chilled by refrigeration system to emits cool dry ash via air compression launcher. Small volumes only....

The rest of the pump jack is standard type with the required current to operate is produced in the power head also powering all the rest of the designs systems.


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