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Modular Hospital ( a fuel less "live axle" vehicle)

The following design system is a mobile hospital room powered by an fuel less "draft accelerator" hydraulic / pneumatic electrical power system.

During pandemic or high demand for hospital beds, these design system applied allow for increased bed space. The units are self contained equipped with water harvesting / water purification, H.V.A.C. ( heating - ventilation - / air conditioning ) and septic. The design accommodates all the amenities of a standard hospital room but is mobile and able to be transported by a semi truck tractor trailer.

Parts List

1. dock entry lock tabs (sum of 36 about 360 degrees)

2. dock entry

3. pneumatic valve - The Ultra violet light (Uv),  "clean chamber" door piston system is then open in the natural position and closes by low

    pressure pneumatic pistons with pressure relief valve for safety so that if caught in the door the safety valve will open and decompress

4. low pressure  /  vacuum "return flexible hose" air pressure hose

5. air pressure hose

6. weather seal docking gasket

7. docking camera

8. docking laser bouncer "aligns" the docking entry to the orifice upon number 164

9. entry door handles

10. entry door

11. air compressor air pressure piston

12. air compressor air pressure pipe

13. air compressor air pressure pipe

14. Uv lamp (ultra violet light light chamber "clean chamber") contains full surround lighting to disinfect bio hazard hazardous material bio

      suits. The chamber contains air feed and and exhaust for the bio hazard suits with the ports located to the right exit of the light chamber

      exit upon the wall

15. Uv clean lamp

16. clean chamber door

17. Nurse office chair

18. computer station

19.  medical equipment counter (storage space)

20. window

21. slide out generator "bay" / under floor electricity generator listed at

22. fire suppression valve (Nitrogen)

23. fire detection sensor / fire alarm - causes the Nitrogen to be discharged

24. Nitrogen flow pipe

25. window

26. bed space

27. full wrap privacy curtain (surrounds the bed space)

28. systems control panel contains lighting on off switching, H.V.A.C. control switches, water harvesting (dehumidifier) control and water

      pump on off switch control.

29. ceiling mount h.v.a.c. air discharge adjustable louvered vent

30. h.v.a.c. air intake plenum baseboard mount

31. h.v.a.c. unit

32. air intake air exhaust air filter

33. internal hutch track lamp

34. hutch arch

35. slide door refrigeration unit 36" tall with internal lighting

36. refrigeration compressor

37. refrigeration switch block - controls the refrigerators refrigerant gas flow - refrigerator "logic circuits"

38. refrigerant pressure tank

39. refrigeration condenser

40. screened vented refrigeration condenser exterior encasement

41. refrigeration condenser exterior encasement  base air intake vents

42. clothes drawer "hutch" arch atop to accommodate television

43. electric water pump

44. waste basket

45. in line electric water heater

46. hand sink

47. under floor water holding tank

48. water drain

49. water pipe compression fitting

50. water flow pipe - under floor

51. hand rail

52. fixed divider "wall"

53. toilet

54. dehumidifier air intake air filter

55. dehumidifier water drain tank

56. septic drain lower drain recess

57. external air intake dehumidifier

58. in line electric water heater

59. shower curtain rod

60. shower safety hand rail

61. bath safety hand rail

62. fire suppressant Nitrogen pressure tank

63. fire suppression system control unit ( electronics )

64. floor air discharge port for heating or cooling the floor connects to the h.v.a.c. system

65. clothes washer / clothes dryer machines "dual machine unit stack"

66. clothes dryer receptacle 240v Ac - alternating current "outlet" contains electrical ground connection to the modular hospital ground pin

67. clothes dryer exterior vent - with flap

68. metal flexible clothes dryer air exhaust tube

69. bio hazard refuse container - external extraction able in sealed container

70. bio hazard extraction container - external extraction with locking handle

71. fire egress door

72. Uv light chamber door air pressure pressure tank

73. Uv light chamber electronics and flow valve switching system references the motion detectors upon the door , number 96 for

      safety - to "prevent" an accidental door closure causing a safety problem

74. hull

75. Uv light chamber door vacuum holding tank connects to the air compressor system

76. air compressor

77. air compressor air intake filter

78. pneumatically pressurized liquid disinfectant - to clean the bio hazard suits

79. electric motor driven liquid disinfectant spray pump

80. bio suit spray closet illuminated ceiling - floor drain in sealed chamber "holding tank" with external clean out valve to drain the tank locking

81. disinfectant spray heads total height of the closet

82. safety glass sliding doors water tight seals

83. under floor septic tank vent

84. methane processing  unit

85. external septic system vent

86. Uv light chamber door handle

87. gown hanger

88. Uv light chamber door handle

89. fire door hinge

90. windows sum of 4

91. park break disengage lever - hard link system with low pressure upon the hand grip lever (must be compressed to move the vehicle)

92. break lever

93. motor truck "live axle" throttle forward or reverse very low speed movement center "neutral" position also causes automatic wheel

      / tire breaking function. The hand bar control (vehicle steering) then when in the upright position causes a manual engagement of a

      hard link "parking break" for safety by sheathed break cable.

94. access panel

95. access panel

96. motion detection sensor

97. over head lighting

98. hand sink lamp and mirror

99. inspection lamp wall mount adjustable height

100. lamp hinge mount

101. telescoping lamp post with locking position lever

102. lamp hinge

103. lamp post bar

104. lamp bar transverse hinge

105. lamp light unit high lumen with dimmer to adjust the lumen level

106. medical equipment wheel cart stow

107. lamp with metal flexible lamp post

108. multi switch light switch turns the over head lights on or off

109.  potable water filter

110. hand towel and electric forced hot air unit

111. modular hospital unit electrical ground pin - inserts into the ground to electrically ground the vehicles electrical system for safety

112. our father prayer plaque

113. Uv chamber door opening motion sensor - turns the light chamber lamps off and on

114. surround exterior lighting (corner units contain a bubble level)

115. vehicle manual hand leveling hand crank linear gear (ratchet hand crank) sum of four ratchet system mounted upon the vehicles corners

116. vehicle leveling ratchet hand crank

117. vehicle hydraulic leveling system sum of eight about the vehicle chassis

118. roof mount  heating and air conditioning system (a redundant unit)

119. toilet area over head light switch

120. angular locking brace stabilization for the hand crank leveling foot

121. automotive tire

122. automotive suspension lower ball joint swing arm

123.  steering tie rod

124. tire assembly swing arm

125. upper ball joint  connection bracket union mounts to the swing arm

126. automotive suspension strut

127. hydraulic steering piston assembly

128. hand control retention coil spring - raises the hand control "bar" to the vertical position

129. vehicle hand control  "bar" hinge

130. hydraulic steering piston assembly

131. hydraulic piston hinge mounting (both hydraulic steering piston assemblies)

132. Sn ( tin ) impregnated rigid foam insulation - radiation shielding

133. lamp rings also acting as a structural support member to rigid the vehicle hull

134. "live axle" tire - motorized wheel assembly

135. electric and hydraulic wheel break assembly

136. "live axle" leaf springs mounts the wheel assembly to the vehicle hull

137. hydraulic fluid impeller - tandem rotates with the system dual shaft electric motor

138. over pressure safety valve "directs via flow pipe hydraulic over pressure to the dual component pressure tank containing

        oil ( silicone oil ) and air pressure

139. electric oil pressure sensor - reports to the system logic electronic circuits aids in correct system functioning adjusting the

       electrical "re-introduction circuit" that prevents generator "baug" from the dual shaft electric motor loading (drag) upon the generator system.

140. diaphragm type oil filter allows for oil flow by-pass when the oil velocity is high

141. one way flow valve

142. ribbon wire - multi wire "bus" clip relays information to the hand control unit system parameter display mounted between the hand

        grips upon number 90

143. dual component oil / air pressure oil fill screw cap "pressure rated locking screw cap"

144. "live axle" electronics control unit

145. power management, fuse block, and system relay weather shielded box

146. differential hydraulic break electric valve - dual coil spring retainer with the valve causing fluid pressure causing breaking in the natural

        position manual throttle (hand grip) motion then causes the disengagement of the break. the manual break levers also cause fluid

        pressure to cause breaking actuation

147. pneumatic one way valve

148. air pressure fill valve - one way valve

149. high speed hydraulic fluid (oil) pump

150. sprocket and drive chain assembly - large sprocket tandem rotating with the output drive shaft of the ratio gear set then causing

        a smaller receiving sprocket to then motivate an electrical Magnet (permanent magnet electricity generator  with internal voltage regulator)

        allowing for electricity production to then electrify the main dual shaft electric motor that causes hydraulic fluid pressure and speed with the

        discharge oil then motivation the tandem union joined  hydraulic impeller attached to the "live axle" differential causing the wheels to move.

151. Magneto (permanent magnet electricity generator) an Ac - alternating current electricity generator)

152. electric motor and high speed ratio gear set 1:50 ratio with the input rotation tandem rotating with number 161, hydraulic impeller. The

        electric motor part of the unit then also tandem rotating with the input rotation of the ratio gear set and works with the "electrical reintroduction

        circuit"   ie... "the electrical reintroduction circuit directs an adjustable percentile of generated electrical current back to the units electric

        motor contained in number 152. The high side of the ratio gear set then motivation the hydraulic pump at great speed causing system

        advancement by the "hydraulic draft effect". A fluid can not be stretched in confinement this causes system rotation to increase. The

        air pressure within the dual component pressure tank ( air pressure causes oil pressure) to then be at pneumatic pressurization levels

        greater than the total mechanical resistance of the system components.

153. hydraulic drive impeller tandem rotating internal "wheel" motivates a reduction gear system ( high rotational spin converting to slow speed

        high torque),  who's output rotation is tandem to the differential drive axle causing wheel movement

154. dual shaft differential

155. hydraulic disk or drum break also acting able to break with electric solenoid compressing break pads upon the break disk or break

        drum the "break disk" then tandem union rotating with the one shaft of the dual shaft differential

156. main hydraulic pump rotated by the main electric motor number 158

157. main line oil flow by pass valve control unit

158. dual shaft main electric motor causes the hydraulic pump to rotate

159. oil flow restriction valve " limits " the volume of oil to the main oil pump

160. generator (magneto) speed control electric valve - controls the oil flow volume

161. generator system oil flow impeller

162. drive line oil flow by pass or reverse flow direction control valve electric positioning with safety sensor - if fault detected locks electric

        breaking systems

163. hydraulic and electric breaking unit for the differential break system

164. multi vehicle "hall" unit (tube with the "live axle" and leveling system), contains - h.v.a.c. ,nurses station, storage and separate septic

        and lavatory

165. R.P.M. ( revolutions per minute ) sensor

166. oil inlet dampener valve - allows for structural integrity of the flow pipe preventing pipe implosion due to high suction

167. oil flow by-pass valve - assist in generator system speed by manual positioning and by the control circuits electrically adjusting flow valve

* Note - the "live axle assembly" then is mounted under the docking end of the vehicle directly under the Uv clean room.

Following please find a description of the "live axle" flow system.....

Note - prior to oil pressure entry into number 153 the flow pipes then containing over pressure safety valve to allow for oil flow pipe safety

           then directing over pressure back to the dual component oil / air pressure holding tank...

Note - air pressure causes oil pressure within the dual component pressure tank so that the "work" potential of the air pressure is cycled

Note -  system start current then obtained from a cross pump generator listed at

Note - the hydraulic fluid pressure to assist in the hand bar steering then obtained from the cross pump generator by additional power steering

           unit fluid pump upon the drive belt assembly. The said hydraulic pump  then also with fluid pressure directed to the break system to

           insure the vehicle will be able to have a break function either  hydraulic or electric breaking capacity.


The Modular Hospital room is mobile to then be used in emergency situations where Natural disasters have made standard hospitals inoperable!