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The following design system is an attempt at an "Active " run pneumatic electric self pressurizing electric vehicle automotive engine / motor design system.

Upon the main drive line containing number 4 additional components are required   from left to right the assembly will be as follows;

1. Pulley
2. "Start" pneumatic impeller ( number 7 )
3. 4:1 ratio gear set
4. Main pneumatic centrifugal impeller
5. 20:1 ratio gear set
6. Electric motor
7. Flywheel
8. Torque converter
9. Automatic transmission / and or then manual clutch assembly  ( pressure plate, clutch disk etc.. )

* Note - Number 14 powers number 16 and the field coil for number 2. Number 2's electrical output then feeds current regulated and variable  ( by throttle ) to
              number 4 , main  electric motor. ( alternative power system flow path ) Number 2 then alternator ( with magneto  to then power number 16 then motivating number 14
              with the resistance of generating then counteracted upon by pneumatic velocity flow, with number 14 then feeding electricity to number a variable resistor / potentiometer
              then to number 4 main electric motor. The additional dynamo upon the modified belt system then can be redundancy for 12v Dc production and or as an electrical production
              point to then feed the Stator / Field coil in number 2.

* Note -  number 27 is also as a screened and filtered  ( air filter ) air intake.

* Note - The drive belt system may also be of another path...  then a pulley system that loops around number 1,2, and 5. then leaving assembly number 8,9 to then have an
             additional dynamo upon its own independent drive belt system with an additional pulley connected to the additional dynamo then driven by assembly number 8.  This allows
            for extreme rotational rate of number 8. )( also R.P.M. monitored by R.P.M. sensor ( revolutions per minute ). The dynamo may the cause electricity then inverted from
            Dc to Ac current to then compensate for the "baug" / loading " of the electric motor when work is required from the main electric motor number 4. The altered drive belt  system
            then derives starting electricity then from the generator number 2 feeding  electrical current  regulated to number 16.

* Note - Pneumatic velocity flow tubes electrically grounded also containing additional static electricity "pickup" grid transversely within the pneumatic flow ).

* Note - Additionally the system may be "dipped" in a non electrically  conductive " plastic resin to then act as an electrical insulator.

* Note - The  system's  pneumatic discharge then may also be directed to vent across the wind shield of the vehicle to aid in visibility when encountering inclement weather.

* Note - Additionally a added pneumatic impeller will then rotate in tandem connected to number 2 upon the back side of the generator to the counter act the field resistance produced
              while generating electricity. The pneumatic feed pressure at velocity will be directed from the exhaust of number 7 then to the said additional pneumatic impeller upon the
              back side of number 20. The discharge pneumatic  pressure of the additional impeller will then be directed to the air flow dispersion bar / vent that discharges high velocity
              air across the wind shield.

* Note - An over pressurization max pressure two stage safety valve ( pressure relief ) will also be added upon assembly number 8 post number 14 to then feed first stage pressure
              relief to the  internal pneumatic impeller within number 15 ( 15's pneumatic impeller tandem to the high side of the ratio gear set ) to then vent into number 8's inner
               chamber and cycle..the second stage of the max pressure safety valve post  number 14 within number  8 will then be able to vent to the exterior of the system also
              containing component fault indicator and pneumatic pressure sensor that reports  to the mapping logic  circuits. The velocity rate ( R.P.M. ) will also be reported for
              number 8 ( both sides of the ratio gear set)  to the system management logic / mapping  circuit electronics to control the system for safe operation.

* Note - Within assembly number 8, the order of components then being 16,15,14, may also be in the reverse order so that the pneumatic compressor/ generator .  Number 14 is positioned so that the pneumatic displacement then impales the pneumatic impeller  within number 16.  The ratio gear set will then also be in the reverse order position so that the high side of the gear set is orientated toward number 14. the Pulley / drive belt assembly would then be in the same position then closer to number 16 ( modified order assembly ).