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Zip Line Farming

Currently the Amazon is loosing it's canopy due to slash and burn farming methods. It becomes difficult considering the terrain then in some locations to use the space efficiently. As an alternative to slash and burn farming methods ,( that  leads to increased CO2 levels), the following product advancement may then allow the natural environment to remain and still allow the farmers to use the space for agriculture in an efficient manor.

The advanced flower pot will also , by radio control be able to be lowered to the ground level for harvesting as well as slide to the "zip line" ends for shelter should high storm occur.The design system will also work for narrow valley where water is scarce...... with the terminal ends of the  "zip line" then affixed to the ridge tops...

Rise towers may also be used to then anchor the terminal ends of the dual wire zip line producing an assembly line style of agriculture..... if this is done in tandem with greenhouse sections upon the zip line system agriculture production may increase over the total yield annually.