Water Saddle

The "Water Saddle" is a Equine accessory to the allow for sustained production of water as the on board dehumidifier ( also containing a distillation system / internal), will provide water for  a horse and rider in remote arid locations.

The water  containers each side will be covered enclosed with a zipping flap lid that will have an  indention to cause a water bowl to allow the horse to dink with out wasting the water.

The on board dehumidification system will also contain a cold water flow system to then allow for a padded blanket under the saddle to have cooling tubes  upon the back of the horse.

The forward strap and harness the front legs and around the forward part of the rib cage the forward saddle harness is a "supported" fastener . the straps the are semi rigid  and padded , like an internal skeleton within the straps.

The underside of the saddle then also containing support braces that connect to the forward harness to act as shock absorpers upon each side of the horses spine. so that the riders weight is the distributed correctly upon the horses pelvis and the shoulders. The "saddle shocks" are then above the blanket.

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