Water Mobile

The Water Mobile is an electric canoe with cooking capacity and refrigeration capacity hidden under the seating of the canoe.The design then steers by dual adjustable skis  and contains a single reverse water jet thrust port ( foot actuation) to then slow the canoe. The electric jet ski then produces water jet  ( throttle by foot pedal), at high thrust to cause motion for the boat.. The intake for the water jet then perpendicular with filtered intake screens so that it will minimize intake of foreign debris located above the exhaust water jet..

Within the water jet enclosure then also will be a gyroscope that causes the boat to remain level when turning at high velocity it may also prevent unwanted capsize ....

Within the back rest of the boat is an inflatable flotation device that will keep the canoe from sinking in a deep lake actuated by water pressure sensor system. A person would then grab the skis an fall backward into the water to upright the boat while the on board water pump drains the canoe.The flotation device to cause enough rise of skis to preform the function.

The from seating will full recline to sleep upon then merging with the rear seat. The seats are padded an covered with a water proof covering.....

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