Water Ice Food Jar

Currently we have a massive waste disposal problem. Recycling programs are a good thing yet the reprocessing of materials to keep waste out of landfills is still energy intensive and waste the equity of work that cost the consumer money.

The following design addressed a different  alternative  regarding food storage. By using water ice as a jar the cost of packaging the food then becomes less and allows a reuse of the "locking ring assembly" as they are then easy to clean and reuse.

One might ask "And how do I get frozen soup out of a block of ice?"

The food within the water ice jar then will have a center hollow cylinder cavitation and circumference hollow cylinders ( to melt the separation zone between the contents and the water ice jar. The circumference cavitations the of smaller bore diameter allowing for hot water to melt the contents prior to emptying the contents into a cooking pot. The additional "melt separator insert" then sold as a separate product.

A graph / chart with instructional label, then stipulating the time required for the hot water to steep the contents, is then placed upon the lid also with the product information. 

The system is a bit more cost effective ( providing a fuel less generator then keeps the freezers

running), in lieu of canning jars when putting a garden in storage for winter... ( heating the food , lid and rings prior to Jarring is still required ) redundant freezers are recommended.

A kit to make your own jar bases (of water ice) then reusing the rings is possible a cheap way to collect food storage supplies). A strap wrench may assist people opening the water ice jars then using the strap around the jar to hold it steady.

This is a a reusable system different from current canning processes that are single use and require repeated purchase of supplies.

So if the system sold in stores then as a "product" then the rings and lids would be saved  then to purchase an ice jar cast ( like an ice cube maker) then what one would throw away empty cans  plastic jars glass bottles..., changes into what may allow for massive food storage..at low cost....reusable canning rings and lids to cause a sealing system for food upon a "jar" made of ice.

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