Vortex -X1 Generator
The vortex-x1 is a simple generator concept. The elongated oval is an air pressure tank and it vents unto a centrifugal compressor.  From the battery, current is fed to the electrical motor for the centrifugal compressor.  The compressors displacement (pressure and velocity ) are vented unto a pneumatic impeller that is attached to the driving field coil for the compressor's electric motor.  Also attached to the centrifugal compressor is a high speed generator that feeds current to both the compressors drive motor and the electrical motor on the high voltage generator's drive shaft.   Pneumatic flow post impeller on the compressor assembly impales another impeller on the high voltage generator assembly. This reduces the amount of current required for sustained rotation.  Both assemblies are connected by a pulley and belt system to balance the assemblies.  The high voltage generator feeds the external application and recharges the battery,.

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