Vertical Product Stocking System

Currently many large box type department stores are wasting massive cubic volume in their stores failing to then make the maximum use of the floor space allowing for more product then displayed per square foot of store space.

A solve is to the use a stocking system that takes advantage of the high ceilings then to reduce the area at an average "working" height ie. the average comfortable height ( not requiring reaching up ward to far top shelf ) or then stooping ( bending downward to the lift heavy commodities ).

A rolling shelf system is an option then stocked from the hidden aisle center ( employees only ) to then allow the customers isle to see the displayed product exposed 3 or 4 units high behind a clear plastic door with logo decals above the opening ( their trademarks logos etc... ) then  advancing the rotator shelf  by pneumatics actuated by a button.. the design then being sensitive to the  spring tension to the closed position , clear door containing a redundant  magnetic sensor system indicating that the door is closed before the motion button will activate the movement of the shelf ,allowing safe shelf rotation causing a safe system. A vertical rotercery.

Safety breaking also is upon the system end roller. A small disk break, calipers and pneumatic pistons, break pads, causes breaking released only for the short burst when the button is pushed. An object proximity sensor will indicate when the chain of product is in the correct display location. The system is low speed and low travel pressure by pneumatic pressure balancing as counter weight by reduction gearing with venting then supporting the load  / weight of loaded product to a zero effect in the opposite directional rotation direction. 

The stocking "closet " would have product retainers traveling up ward then down ward to the display location.

Additionally an alarm system to then alert the attendant that product is about to run out may notify them if in other location in the store  via app calling their phone or independent notification system.

Ideally the stock would then be stored in the basement of the store then lifted into the employees center aisle stock closet by dumb waiter elevator and then stocked without the employee having to climb stairs or climb unto a ladder reducing possible insurance issues due to falls.

The increased ergonomics then also allowing for more individual brands to then be displayed may in fact increase over all sales of the store.

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