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Velocity Motor

Parts list
1. gear
2. gear.
3. drive shaft
4. planetary / differential gear
5. gear

A. automatic automotive transmission
B. combined component  argon ( air pressure ) and silicone oil pressure storage tank
C. torque converter
D. redesigned wheel as flywheel with gear teeth upon circumference. "redesigned wheel" html ( ) as flywheel with gear teeth
    upon circumference ( the electric current thru bore current transfer slip ring then rides atop the back side of the circumference gear between the flywheel and the torque
    converter , letter "C" .
E. Hydraulic impeller with two tube hydraulic flow tube connecting to the intake hydraulic pressure fitting upon "F".
F. Hydraulic impeller
G. Hydraulic flow tube
H. hydraulic flow valve
I. pneumatic one way fill valve
J. hydraulic over pressure safety valve  ( connected to both hydraulic impellers "E" and "F" )
K.  automatic transmission rotational torque out put drive shaft
L. Automatic transmission internal hydraulic oil pump feeding the flywheel assembly oil pressure
M. Pneumatic over pressure safety valve ( vents over pressure / air argon )
N. pressure rated oil fill tube and pressure cap / also vents pneumatic pressure with internal safety valve within the cap
O. Electric pressure sensor connects to motor system mapping circuit boards to regulate motor systems
P. electric thru bore electrical current transfer slip ring
Q. over pressure valve  oil return tube dumps oil back to the combined component pressure storage tank

*Note  -  From "b" to "l" is a regulator valve also acting as a flow restriction dampener ( valve ) for the silicone oil also able to be manually operated... functioning with system "all stop" safety system

              The design system below could then be made to be a self propelled fly wheel with an additional connecting bracket to then grab a torque converter and  automotive transmission...another addition will be to replace the tire and use gear teeth  around the circumference , a self propelled gear.  The circumference "fly wheel" adaptation to then transfer the additional oil pressure then giving rotational advancement to the redesigned wheel as a "flywheel also then gear locking to the circumference of the  redesigned wheel as flywheel , circumference gear teeth causing system compound advancement rate increase.
           Safety pressurization oil pressure safety over pressure relief valves and hydraulic flow tubes with oil return flow lines will then return the oil to the pneumatically pressurized combined component air pressure and silicone oil pressure tank then venting to the intake of the automatic transmission's internal oil pump to then impale the hydraulic impeller also advancing the "ring" gear / "hub" within the center of the redesigned wheel as fly wheel..
          The "ring gear" at the designs core then will also be advanced by pneumatically pressurized hydraulic oil ( silicone oil) with the hydraulic velocity flow then accelerated by a pump within the connected automatic transmission. this allows for the inertia of the automobile to then give advancement of the modified " redesigned wheel" as a flywheel to then yield system advancement to produce greater rotation rate incline. Stated more simply the oil pump within the automatic transmission pumps oil via tube to a hydraulic impeller rotating a drive shaft that advanced the "ring gear".

          The oil discharge from the hydraulic impeller then via tube then impales another hydraulic impeller that also advances a drive shaft via hard gearing to then rotate a planetary gear ( 90 degree bent) with another drive shaft then with drive gear upon the e terminal end of the drive shaft ... with that gear then engaging the circumference gear of the redesigned wheel as fly wheel to yield flywheel advancement.

         There are oil pressure safety systems so that the flow tubes do not over pressurize then venting excess oil pressure to the combined component air pressure / oil pressure combined component pressure storage tank.