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Vacuum Lifter


This design is a flying saucer engine system that will advance itself by drafting pneumatic pressure. The system also counteracts static return effect of pumping air pressure to the top of the system by coiling the return pneumatic flow.

* Note - Number 1 and 25 may also be Toriod that the center of the "polar array" is then moved into the center of the Toriod of number 1... the interior of the toriod number 1 then becomes the crews cabin, bridge / galley/ sleeping quarters ....
* Note -  Upon flow line  25,27,35, into number 6 ....number 27 one way valve " electric and mechanical actuation valve control" pneumatic flow discharge is directed into number 6 with discharge to number 1. The valve is electric and allows for one directional flow or pneumatic pressure according for selected one way flow in either direction according to function being implemented...
* Note - Number 3 vacuum intake will also be a polar array with multiple intake ports  then in concentric circles as required upon the increase in diameter within the elongation of the electric lifting jet system the vacuum "ball " number 14 then will resemble a elongated orb / disk..... then referred to as the "pancake".\
*Note - Number 10 will also contain a pneumatic impeller to then counteract the resistance produced while generating also counteracting the resistance produced while causing rotational amplification within the ratio gear set number 9........ the feed pressure will then be derived from the high pressure within the pneumatic storage tank and then vent into the maximum vacuum point  merging / venting into tube number 3 before number 6 upon assembly 6,7,32. The pneumatic injection flow tube will have variable  velocity flow rate valve and redundant pressure safety system with controlled re-dump into the pressure confinement pressure tank number 1