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Utility Scale Fuel Less Power Plant

the center track bicycle wheel is listed at

The design above then with  additional combined component  "balancer tanks / pressure tanks" to then balance the rotation.... the design's balancer tanks then filled with additional volume of pneumatic pressure and additional volume of hydraulic fluid ( non flammable non electrically conductive / silicone oil).

For the industrial floor model ( used in the horizontal position) then having stationary floor mounting will then also have the rotating components upon bearing races to then support the designs rotation. It may also be able to the add repulsive magnetic fields to elongate the life of the system bearing races.  Magnetic insulation material will be required not to disturb the stator magnetic filed for the "float" electromagnetics.

The floor model system the starts by reversing the stored air pressure causing the air compressor to then act as a piston impeller producing rotation. Short run start system.....

The above design is then the core of the utility scale system with the hydraulic system drafting pressurized hydraulic oil causing an incline "tilt" yielding continual rotational advancement building high level inertia to then be converted to high density high voltage production of electricity.

The speed of the mechanism may then be at high velocity additionally then centrifugal elongation may be counteracted upon with a stabilizing electromagnetic counter force design within the power generator. So that ... high rate of rotation will not cause the system to warp due to ultra high speed rotation allowing for higher level of output electricity. When generating electrical current at those ranges an additional super cooler may be required to stabilize the thermal properties of the generator design.

The system  then with the pneumatically pressurized oil tanks ( like balances a wheel's rotation / sum of three) , will then also contain internal pumping and balancer sensor upon the core spindrel. The pneumatic pressure in the system will also be used to assist in the Start rotation for the system then using the air compressor in "reverse as a piston type pneumatic impeller....... actuated by solenoid system electrified by small battery contained within and a radio receiver then causing air compressor air flow feed and switching the air compressor function once suifficent rotation has been attained.