​Utility Scale Fluid Drive Power Plant

The following Utility scale power plant design solves the Alternative energy storage problem by utilizing Gravity and pneumatic pressure as it's motive force. The design system can be used to electrify an inductance electric water heater with the produced steam to then be directed to "existing" Utility scale electricity producing power plants allowing the CO2 ( Carbon Dioxide) emission problem to be corrected within the time restraints required to subdue global warming due to CO2 emissions.

Parts List

1. oil ( silicone oil ), flow pipe

2. oil ( silicone oil ), flow pipe

3. hydraulic drive impeller causes the air compressor to rotate when required

4. air intake filter assembly

5. piston type air compressor - contains Magento ( a Magneto is a  permanent magnet Ac / alternating

    current electricity generator), and electromagnetic clutch allowing for disengaged on timed

    interval - activates when the system reports low air pressure in number 10.

6. air compressor air intake manifold

7. air compressor exhaust

8. one way pneumatic fill valve

9. silicone oil pressure rated oil fill cap with pressure sensor over pressure safety vent valve within the cap design

10. combined component pressure storage tank contains silicone oil and air pressure that then causes

      oil pressure upon discharge

11. pressure tank and "oil head weight" oil tank union flow pipe

12. oil exhaust valve

13. oil drain

14. hydraulic (oil) impeller

15. hydraulic "draft impeller

16. electric drive motor

17. 1:10 ratio gear set high side rotation tandem to number 21- input rotation then tandem rotating with

      number 15's and 14's internal impeller "wheels" and the dual shaft electric motor's armature number 16

18. main control circuits "box" control electronic circuit logic / system "mapping"

19. voltage regulator

20. in line oil filter

21. permanent magnet "magneto" electricity generator

22. main high voltage generator

23. r.p.m. (revolutions per minute sensor)

24. high speed hydraulic pump

25. oil flow pipe pipe elbow 90 degree bend

26. one way oil flow valve

27. oil flow valve

28. valve control sheathed pull cable  and electric wires to control the electric valve

29. valve control sheathed pull cable  and electric wires to control the electric valve

30. main high volume oil holding tank

31. oil fill screw cap

32. air inlet gurgle prevention inlet

33. oil tank foundation

34. main electrical wire assembly to "electrical grid sub station"

35. one way valve and over pressure safety valve - safety valve actuation vents air pressure to the

      exterior of the system

36. one way valve

37. one way valve

​38. oil flow divergence valve - allows for oil flow  "by-pass" to "control" the hydraulic fluid "hydraulic draft

      effect". This valve is electric and adjust by it's internal electric motor actuation of motion then by referencing 

      the system electronics referencing the control system logic circuits to aid in the generator's drive line speed.

39. ratio gear set high side "counter tilt" hydraulic impeller - nullifies the mechanical resistance within the ratio

      gear set

40. oil flow divergence valve

41. oil flow pipe hydraulic fluid oil pressure sensor

42. oil flow pipe "from" the divergence valve

43. oil flow pipe

44. one way valve

45. high pressure oil flow pipe


The above design system then uses "air pressurized oil" to cause rotation of a hydraulic draft generator drive line assembly. The system accelerates upon fluid suction of a pressurized fluid with an electric "re-introduction circuit" ie... a percentile of "produced" electricity is intensity and voltage regulated then "re-introduced" to the generator system's drive line electric motor number 16 at variable intensity via potentiometer within the system's logic control electronic circuit board, number 18.

This solves the "Alternative Energy" electricity storage problem as gravity is a constant. Number 23, (r.p.m. sensor) then reports the rotation rate of the high speed hydraulic pump to then adjust the electricity "reintroduction circuit" for stable "running". The valves numbers 12 and number 27 are then manually positioned and adjusting the valves that are then electrically adjusted automatically referencing the generator drive lines rate of rotation by the system's logic electronic circuits in number 18. The drive line components are union joined and produce a "stable" run away effect.

The design system is intended to operate with hydraulic fluid of a non electrically conductive non flammable oil such as silicone oil. The total system is electrically grounded to discharge any unwanted electrical inductance.

This design operates by the "hydraulic draft effect". Fluid ( oil), in confinement does not stretch... so when pumping a "pressurized" fluid at high velocity with a preceding hydraulic impeller upon the system drive line, with a ratio gear set upon the drive line, causes the hydraulic pump to move a higher unit of volume of oil within the same time period. The "effect" then is a increase in total system rotation by fluid suction yielding electricity when a generator is upon the drive line. The operating "speed" is then obtained by the electric "re-introduction" circuit ie a percentile of generated electrical current then is applied to the system drive line electric motor yielding high voltage high "density" free energy output electricity with zero emissions.


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