Geoengineering - Climate Change Mitigation

Design Desk Inc.

Urban Cooling Balloon

In the current state of the environment the Heat island effect in Urban environments makes it very dangerous for the cities population.

These types of system then force high altitude cold air low unto the ground level ( safe velocity and feed rate

( not to cause atmospheric turbulence unwanted),  then to cool the ground level to safe ranges as so many have problems  in hot months of the year.

The design is then a hot air balloon with the  hot air generated by an electric heat furnace on the unit system then heated by fuel less electricity. On board the design system is then 4 blower fans to then chill ground level.

The system implements weather balloons should the main hot air balloon fail. The weather balloons then will quickly fill with Helium and act as emergency flotation .

The down draft tube is the with mooring cables to anchor the balloon in a safe location and altitude as not to effect air traffic. The mooring system is also electrically insulated ie. not to then conduct electricity.

The on board electronics will also contain redundant electronics including air craft beacons to allow the aircraft to know the balloons location.

The albedo effect is also a good idea to then not cause the color of the fabric to absorb heat in the daylight  ..light colors....

the design systems do not have to be large to preform their function as to then keep the cost of production low.... scaled to the location application etc...

In certain arid or desert locations this design system will aid in reducing the temperature above crops to then also aid in in slow evaporation rates of the agricultural water to then allow for a more balanced water uptake by the plants.

The design may also reduce large thunder clouds to aid in the reduction of tornado....

The design may also then be used to direct the cloud to water collection for sequestration condensation

( cooling cycle),  for use in farming...