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Ultimate Garden System

The following advancement for the home gardener will allow for a multi tool attachment system to then allow for different functions upon the gardening tool.

Every year millions of gallons of fuel are burned tending the lawn . This design is an electric system with an on-board "Active" generator system that produces usable levels of electricity on a fuel less platform. No battery or battery charging required a bonus when dealing with a large lawn....

The radio controlled unit allows for people to enjoy gardening  when age or infirmity has impeded their ability.. then assisting with heavy lifting or sidewalk or drive way  snow removal.

Many areas are tilted incline that become dangerous for people to mow. This design allows the operator to be at a distance and safely mow a hill side or steep incline.

The compost system also contains a fuel less generator to heat via electric resistance to remove pathogen from the compost. The Heating cycle then removes pathogens from the material prior to the addition of enzyme to cause the accelerated breakdown of organic waste to then be cultured back into the garden as compost.The Advanced garden tool will then use the on-board vacuum system to handle the material lessening the physical effort of moving heave compost / dirt.   The vacuum system is also used for leaf collection and shredding then vent dumping into the  bin shaped "basket" that dual bar dock / locks into the recessed on-board the advanced garden tool....

Since the design contains a small de-humidification system with on-board water tank the system can act as a direct water collector or via dragging a constant feed hose then be used as a water sprinkler via the attachment head then also able to rotate in large swath.

Every year  many people have heat trauma from shoveling snow.. this design is able to then clear a drive way / side walk with more dexterity than a common snow blower and allows the operator to be at a distance.