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Geoengineering - Climate Change Mitigation

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U.S.O. Dredge  ( Under Water Submersible Object )

The Earth , through many billion's of years, has produced a bio hazard in the form of frozen Methane under the oceans surface and frozen  under the tundra.

Methane is also a greenhouse gas that has greater heat retention than carbon dioxide, this causes an alarm. The ocean, then with pressure and low temperature keeps the methane frozen until the condition that keeps Methane Hydrate  frozen in place changes , and this has been observed.The following design system can pay for itself and correct the problem.

The design is a catamaran with hollow pontoons with light weight construction ( carbon graphite / carbon carbon ) as the design is also a flight system ( air craft ). The system is a multi component dredge with the following system components;

" A"  = catamaran dredge with hollow pontoons

" Q " = flight deck also submersible as a material hauler and mechanism transport  "Q" catches nuggets / washed rock

            mix off of 21 to then be sifted upon shore...

" S " = is then an under water remote system to melt Methane hydrate and collect the gas then allowing

           the  "Air Lift " system to pump it to containment upon the dredge and flight deck " Q1 also labeled as number 35

 * The "Air Lift" / drag intake, then is used to suck material off the ocean floor to then yield gold bearing silt

Parts List

1. Air compression system and air pressure storage pressure tank

2. material processing  system sift / sort / heat  ( electric furnaces sum of 3 ) / material hopper with air jet pulse

    jet injection system

3. Stairs

4. Deck

5. Crew cabins ( the two independent cabins can be tied by a cross bridge that is also submersible rated including fuel less carbon dioxide scrubbers, water purification and fuel less heating systems - redundant )

6. Slurry intake from the "base ring" to feed number 2 from  letter "S"

7. Vacuum system  ( material transport system) / loads flight deck remote

8. Ballast pumping system connected to all letter "B's"

9. Tower stack compression pumping ( pumps water / air / and slurry ( material ) via vacuum suction also

    contained within the system ( cant pump a rock? sure ya can... dual path redundant function

10. Hydraulically driven "boom" swing arm base ( horizontal rotation 210 degrees ) flow valve switching  with in the

      base casing number 31

11. Hydraulic system electric drive motor  ( causes hydraulic pressure for the "boom"  to pivot )

12. Fuel less generator systems ( draft accelerators ) Sealed systems inert noble

       gas ( Argon)

( square shapes ) and

( ring shape ) within the hose reel ( sum of two ) actuated by an pneumatic piston ( also as a linear generator and solenoid... that cycles the gas back to containment post vacuum chamber via small electric piston type air compressors. Also above the oil ring generators a multi path  material slip ring to then transfer , water, material / slurry, electricity and air pressure)

13. Inner ring gear ( umbilical multi hose ) spool ( may be within a water tight lubricated casing )

14. Electric drive motor

15. rotational transfer gear ( may be within a water tight lubricated casing )

16. umbilical hose reel / spool

17. Material slurry and water  sluce feed manifold ( the manifold is a different type of shaker ( solid bottom with

      up water jets)  then also causing  water pressure jetting up ward ,  washing the material to knock the silt then into

      the upper  sluce feed track assisted  by additional water flow and allowing the heavy material  to then

       transit bouncing  also with assistance of  water  jets into the high speed slide track then unto the conveyor.... 

       The speed of the water will then be reduced via a flow maze  then allowing for the correct water rate across

       the ripples ( the miners moss is also self cleaning by cycled burst of water then as a requirement of function

       just before the heating / drying system and subsequent vacuum system loading the concentrate into the flight deck.

18. "Air Lift " drag intake flotation buoy

19. "Air Lift " drag intake mounting deck ( allows water through , floor slot construction ) electromagnetic locking system

       for the "Air Lift " drag intake mechanism

20. Rudder

21. Conveyor rock dump

22. Flight sphere bay total of 8 spheres in spherical positional mobiles with sealed force vectoring an " hover motor " system with Argon gar contained as the internal working fluid

23.  Guide hoop

24. Hydraulically driven wheel assist in the retrieving of the "Air Lift " drag intake unit

25. Hydraulically driven and electrically driven  " Boom Arm "  ( servo hinge  with resistance break ie caliper break pad and disk as well  as  locking pin  ( solenoid ) also actuated by additional hydraulic lines  / two independent systems....  boom arm crash prevents positional sensor reports to the logic processing system ( prevents the operator from damaging the dredge with the boom arm...

26. Main Water jet displacement vector housing (  drive propulsion may also be connected to the oil ring generators to dampen their velocity via main propeller system / drive line then connected by electromagnetic clutch in water tight sealed containment filled with inert argon gas )

27. Connecting union manifold

28. Hose guide wheel assembly

29. letter " S " discharge port  is the intake for slurry into number 6 from the " plow ring "letter "S"

30. Auger electric motors , sum of two

31."Boom Arm " hydraulic control system " housing... connected to main logic electronic navigation and system control circuits contained in the hose reel dome

32. Umbilical hose

33. Dry material transport tube ( vacuum exhaust ) fill the flight remote .

34. Electric water jet assembly also with hydraulic drive system by fluid rate transference from the oil ring generator , via impeller differential and electromagnetic clutch to then drive a hydraulic pump that feeds hydraulic fluid pressure to number 34  then moving the ratio gear set's internal impeller in component 'HZ" as depicted upon the "oil jacker" drafting

at then number 34 as component  "HZ".

35. Flight remote also by "Hover Spheres"  sealed force vectoring by "Hover Motors"  (  within spherical positional

mobiles ) as depicted upon  then to also contain flight navigation capacity and ability to unload payload Via vacuum system with internal agitation roller wheel system that churns the dirt to then be vacuumed and unloaded from the flight deck.

36. Hinged pivoting locking clamp secures the flight deck

37.  Deck ( slightly at water line)

38. High voltage electricity power conduit

39. Water conduit / pipe

40. Air pressure conduit ( also connects to the air pressure storage tank )

41. Communications / systems navigation/ mapping - systems control logic circuits under dome

42. Multi component material transference slip ring / Slurry / water / air pressure / electricity air pressure and water injection will also then enter the slurry transference to minimize any impedance then giving a low particulant volume count

43. Umbilical hose ( union )

44. " Air  Lift " drag system mounting brackets  ( redundant safety cable system )

45. Water jet Manifold

46. Ship marker lamps

47. Pneumatic pressure tubes and one way valve system

48. Material auger with water and supplemental injection system and sensor system to indicate impedance to the pulse reverse the auger to see if blockage will free itself... also then containing a logic circuit to cause all stop.

49. Center auger system under sluce ripples

50.  Electric motor

51. Material regulation system  limits vacuum intake so the flow pipe will not clog

52. Ballast water pressure pumping system tubes / pipes ( allows for upside down boat to flip itself over when one side of the upside down vessel then allows for the filling of water then also to cause the "Tilt" Keel to angle by hydraulic flow system to then correct the boat to the upright position

53. Rock conveyor electric motor assembly  ( sealed electric motor and gearing ) water tight access casing

54. rudder motor  ( hydraulic and electric motivation functions )


The tundra methane is being released from the warming produced due to global warming produced by many

factors.. ( human activity ,CO2 emission , Solar activity, radiation shielding flux ( ie.  Earth's magnetic field strength

weakening ).

The oceans salinity and a sudden burst of CO2 could send the climate system into a tail spin very quickly... Volcanic activity in the past has also caused an abrupt greenhouse gas  increase in a very short time... The "shock absorber " then is at it's maximum and with a shallow "buffer zone"  this can yield conditions that cause a "run away" effect humanity is not prepared to deal with. The thermohaline ocean current is effected by salt water vs. fresh water and causes the ocean current to malfunction ...changing the oceans temperature possibly releasing the Methane

hydrate ( Methane ice),  then frozen under the water in certain locations due to ocean water temperature changing at depth.

Now global warming aside... the way we sustain the energy cycle is based upon a finite resource for 95 %  the way the worlds infrastructure powers itself Oil, Coal, and Natural gas ! After examining the trend directions regarding the energy density required to then transfer all other alternative energy design systems, "alternatives"  could not meet the

curve  ( time vs. rate ) with in the incline curve.

Mankind has figured out how to convert energy via burning fossil fuels or transferring electrons / photons sunlight into electricity or converting  effect of thermal energy then producing wind to cause mechanical motion to yield rotation to produce electrical energy via wind turbine.....  yet all of these forms  has a cost vs. implementation problem....regarding the energy density that is required to fulfill the function ( mobile application ) to cause a smooth transition into a different more stable economy.

  Our design systems convert pressure into high density High Voltage electricity  production and yield electricity also on mobile platforms that meet the requirements to keep transportation functioning in a population heavy condition where transport, then being required for food , goods and services, is then met with a correct replacement.

The Methane  Hydrate problem  along with the farm fertilizer  run off problem ( Nitrites ) then filling the fisheries , killing the fish producing "dead zones" and unstable eco cycles, requires correction!

The following design is a multi use system then being able to dredge for gold in areas that contain the metal and the sale of the metal then used to pay for the systems implementation with great numbers to correct the massive square mile effected zones.

Trying to preform this function with a fuel based system is not economically possible... Who pay's for it?


So the mechanisms can cause multiple function to cause their implementation ... is the advanced dredge can also be used to fish... ( also safer for a fisherman ).

The design is Autonomous ( a "drone" )... so less loss of  people upon the high sea's.

Employment for those that work in the industry can be compensated for  with the management of the said

systems ... ( ie. so their jobs then become less hazardous fulfilling different functions...  within the same industries...).

The system may also be used to rebuild the Polar ice cap's thickness my mechanically distilling the sea water then mounting a snow blower  upon letter "q" with the water feed from under the ice. This could be done "Autonomously" via snow drone system.

The U.S.O. "rock truck design then may also be of assistance to clean the oceanic gyres that collect massive heavy nets and plastic trash. This is then advantageous for the health of marine life.

Parts List

1. screened water intake

2. on demand hot water heater

3. water pump

4. differential gear / planetary gear

5. electric motor

6. 1:10 ratio gear set with "counter tilt" hydraulic impeller

    tandem rotating with the high side of the ratio gear set

    via hydraulic impeller and hot water fluid flow transversing

7. vacuum pump

8. vacuum sensor regulator

9. max pressure ( pneumatic over-pressure safety valve

    vents pressure ( also Methane sensor  and valve vent-

    connecting tube to flight deck fill system  )

10. pneumatic pressure

11. hot water

12. high vacuum

13. water line

14. sift screen agitator ( independent screens agitate

15. slurry ( gravel mud )

16. slurry intake tube ( from air drag )

17. water pipe

18. water pump

19. Hydraulic draft cycle generator



       with the tension pulley the tandem to a large oiled sprocket

       system driving  a chain with adjustable tension rotating the high

       speed water pump

20. sprocket

21. sprocket

22. drive chain

23.  screened filter

24. miners moss

25. concentrate auger

26. conveyor / tailings

27. water spray head system

28. hyper water jet compressor

29. water drive impeller and gearing  system 1:20 with the "20" then driving the compression pump ( transonic type )

30. flex connector

31. " shaker "  ( via sealed solenoid system )

32. water valve

33. valve

34. valve

35. screens

36. filter

37. tube ( number 5 to 10 also tube connected )

38. tube

39. water pipe

40. over-pressure venting into  number 15

41. vacuum tank

The vacuum in number 12 exceeds the total  equivalent weight of slurry ( water and rock/ gravel at depth to vacuum the slurry also factoring the "gain" water to then move the rock / gravel then added by the water injection hydraulic pumping system using number 28.