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Turbo Zinger

The Turbo Zinger is an attempt at fuel less sustained electricity applied to an electric car.

The system "starts" by the ignition activating the logic computer allowing the inverter in number 22 to feed Ac current to numbers 6 , number 7 and field coil of number 18.

 Number 18's output is regulated in number7 and feeds current to number 4.  Number 7 also routes current to number 11 (fixed field coil primary generator). Armature number 30 feeds current to number 8 then number 6 and through number 8 again then on to number 9 and number 10.

  The negative "hot" return is channeled through number 8 and number 6 then becoming the positive input to number 12 ,number 13 and number 14 ( wound hyper magneto within number 14).  Number 14 output feeds current to the "active" circuit powering 16 number 19 and number 7.

 When loading is placed on number 14 by number 19 the system is also increasing the field coil within number 18 and feeding higher current unto number 4 via number 7 and increasing current to number 11 (fixed field coil primary generator. This action puts higher current into the inner electric motor of the primary generator and causes the whole system to speed up and produce more power.

 There is a magnetic insulator within the primary generator between the armature for the primary generator and the interior electric motor's advancing field coil. This prevents incorrect magnetic field looping.

 Excess current can be extracted from number 22 to feed current to the refrigeration system that cools all critical components. This is an option but not required for the system to operate.

 The system can be either direct current only or an alternating current / direct current combined system.

Parts List:

1. Electric hydraulic pump

2. Hydraulic reservoir

3. Hydraulic impeller

4. High speed electric motor

5. 1:4 ratio gear set

6. Primary generator switching board

7. Primary generator field coil control board

    also controls number 4

8. Brushes and brush tracks

9. Armature

10. Commutator and brushes

11. Fixed field coil primary generator

12. Electric motor

13. Magneto control

14. High speed generator

15. Ac to Dc transformer

16. Main electric motor "throttle" box

17. Hydraulic pump

18. High voltage generator

19. Main electric motor

20. Automatic transmission

21. Battery tank

22. Battery charger and Dc to Ac inverter

23. Power steering pump

24. Power break pump

25. Oil pump

26. R.P.M. sensor connector  "bus"

27. "Bus" to logic computer

28. Hydraulic flow tube

29. Advancing field coil

30. Primary generator armature current "pick up"

31. Throttle cable

32. Max hydraulic safety pressure valve

33. Drive shaft

34. Large sprocket

35. Transfer drive chain

36. SprocketType your paragraph here.