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Tordal Lifter

The "retention / expansion" coil springs ( polar array sum of eight about 360 degrees ) increase the lift effect when slightly raising the torus. The compression contour then to cause lift by magnetic repelling magnetic fields ( ie. the same polarity). The lower E.M. electromagnets current controlled electricity level reduction to increase the top  "cones" lift effect by compressing the torus field closer to the interior surface of the cone who's surface is also magnetic.



The power source ( fuel less generator ) is then causing the lower polar array E.M. bar magnets to then become electrified and causes polaric attraction causing the E.M. torus to lower as the assemblies are connected.

Then the E.M. torus is then electrified causing toroid magnetic field then repellent as the poles are aligned to repel. ( the inner surface of the "cone" may also then be as an E.M. electromagnet to "increase" the polaric repulse effect produced when similar poles of a magnet are brought close together). The "bar" E.M. magnets electrical current is then controlled reduced causing the energized torus E.M. to rise causing the coil spring to cause a lift effect upon the cone as the "flow of the torus magnetic field is then being compressed in flow.

The flow of the torus magnets the horizontal repellent to the cone inner surface also "magnetic" with similar polarity causing a lift effect. the system may use an "unbalanced magnetic field" as well to cause  a directional flow by using a diode and resistor upon the individual toroid coil windings. The diode the keeps the current only flowing in one direction and the resistor only allows specific levels of electricity to flow past the resistor.

Additionally the speed of the toroid magnetic field may then increase by a wave accelerator ( focused radio transmitter acceleration the tours top magnetic field), then acting as a magnetic field guide. The magnetic field guide the acting as a magnetic wave compressor to cause greater force horizontally impacting the angled cone's inner surface then adding to the system lift. The magnetic field guide then similar to a "particle accelerator" / radio transmitter with focus ability), yet for magnetic wave. The wave compressor  ("micro wave radio transmitter") also then allowing for focus of the toroid magnetic field "to direct" horizontal wave vector then impaling the similar magnetic polarity upon the inner surface of the cone.

The design system then enclosed in radio and magnetic insulator used to course correct long range vessel radians, minutes,  seconds, pitch and yaw a navigation positional "thruster"

The design system then useful in asteroid impact mitigation!