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Syringe Flashlight

The following flashlight design then works upon vacuum ( negative pressure ) as follows;

The plunger is pulled outward  1/2 way with the valve from the vacuum chamber ( number 3 ), open causing vacuum in the vacuum chamber, then the valve is closed. This will cause a vacuum differentiation in the two chambers ie. the syringe itself and the additional vacuum chamber. The chamber number 25, may also start with air pressure but the syringe chamber must be vacuum....will require over pressure safety valve vent upon number 2.

The finger trigger number 15 is then depressed and opens dampener valve number 14. The plunger for the syringe number 5 is then pushed inward while the finger trigger is being held. This allows easy re-positioning of the syringe plunger. The plunger for the syringe is then pulled outward fully and left in the extended position.

Next valve , number 2 is opened allowing low vacuum to travel to high vacuum within the syringe with the pneumatic impeller upon the flow tube.The pneumatic impeller then spins the electric motor's armature and is tandem rotating with the input torque rotation of the 1:50 ratio gear set causing electrical production in the dynamo / generator and rotation of the air pump yielding evacuation of the syringe chamber at greater velocity than the flow from the vacuum chamber , number 25 impaling the pneumatic impeller, number 9.

  The dynamo number 12 is a permanent magnet generator and feeds a percentile of electrical current to the electric motor upon the drive line ( the electric motor is connected to ratio gear set and dynamo assembly. This produces excess electricity to then be used by the light bulbs and or external application. The plunger "grip", number 5, will retract into the syringe slowly so a safety warning not to pinch the hands when holding the flashlight when "starting the flashlight.... valve number 2 then is a flow restriction valve reducing the volume of vacuum flowing... with the electric motor , number 10 feed current level then extrapolated by the current produced by the dynamo .. this is done in the electronics circuit "bay" to prevent a "run away effect".

* Note - Because this is a pneumatic cycle, though being vacuum, capacitance may still form in the pneumatic / vacuum flow system ( flow tubes) so within the electronics , number 7 the control of the static electricity will be then controlled by ( collect in transformer - controlled volt regulated arc at capacitor "full".... )

or other controlled route....

Parts List

1. vacuum tube

2. valve

3. valve

4. hose clamp

5. syringe pull grip

6. syringe

7. electronics circuit "bay" with electric receptacle ( electricity out )

8. on / off switch

9. pneumatic impeller

10. electric motor

11. 1:50 ratio gear set

12. permanent magnetic dynamo

13. wire circuit "bus connector

14. push button pneumatic valve / vents

15. push button valve "trigger"

16. vacuum pump / air pump

17. high beam lamp light bulb

18. low beam lamp light bulb

19. conical / reflector cone's inner surface reflective

20. water seal gasket

21. flashlight bulb housing screw in base

22. clear lens

23. multi wire wire bus connector

24. thumb button "bright light high beam actuation switch weather safe button

25. vacuum chamber

26. holes within support plate

27. syringe rod guide hole

Note- Multi wire and wire bus clip , number 23 are within the flashlight casing  as well as the

          valves , number 2 and number 3 , also within the flashlight casing

          ( also containing shock casing for component failure due to manufacturing defect

          causing a projectile hazard due to metallurigical fracture in the electric motor or

           dynamo).. the flow tube are also within the flashlight casing.

Note- the valves , number 2 and number 3. are also then with dial wheels that

          are operational from the exterior of the flashlight ( water tight seals).

Note- A percentile of electrical  current from number  12 also is directed to number 10

Note-  number 12 rotates 50 times faster than number 10 .. this is the tandem ratio

           gear set's alignment

Vacuum also seeks equilibrium.The pulling of the syringe will cause greater vacuum in the syringe than in the additional vacuum chamber .

The electrical switch then connecting the voltage regulated permanent magnet dynamo to the flashlight light bulb is turned on and the valve from the additional vacuum chamber is opened allowing the higher vacuum in the syringe to seek equilibrium producing flow rotating number 9 causing  rotational motion in the pneumatic impeller yielding rotation of the dynamo and ratio gear set also connected to an air pump .

The air pump then is producing higher vacuum in the syringe and causes motion in the flow system. A percentile of the generated electrical current in the dynamo is circuit directed back to the electric motor to sustain rotation.

The above design may then provide electrical current for thermal socks gloves undergarment  and or a coat then then heat the garments via electric resistance to prevent dangerous conditions such as frostbite or injury/ death due to over exposure to the elements... the power out receptacle then upon the "electronics "bay". The sock design then listed at

In the final design the pneumatic impeller and ratio gear set and air pump are then in line with the body of the flash light so that the center point of the diameter  of the dynamo and the body of the flashlight co-inside. The casing the water tight and "electrically insulated so that the pneumatic/ vacuum velocity flow does not cause a static electricity "shock" hazard.....

the light bulb chamber may accommodate two light  bulb a low beam and high beam light setting then switched upon the exterior of the electronics chamber...

An external charging port to charge other electronic devices is then also upon  the electronics chamber with weather safe hatch cover.....

A hoop upon the base of the flashlight will also secure a strap with adjustable distance upon the strap...

The   electric receptacle upon the flash light then to plug in device such as electric resistor "heated socks" and or "heated gloves" under garments as full body suits and coats.... all with electric resistor heating similar to an electric blanket... 12v Dc will work just fine...