Survival Helmet

The "Survival Helmet" is a design concept that may change dangerous situations  for emergency workers. The system is also a food producer as a chlorella algae growth system.  The helmet is also able to provide water via fuel less micro de-humidification. Both the algae and water are able to be dispensed through the drinking straw.

the design system also comes with a pair of gloves where the switching control systems are to then change function of function parameters upon the helmet . The gloves and the helmet are then connected via wire ribbon and connection"multi wire "Bus" connector clips.

The de-humidification system may then cycle  water enclosed (ie. from respiration or post additional urine burnner / distillator  ( distillation) / water filter / pump / upon the belt or backpack), to then obtain clean water supply cycle.The on board  dehumidifier can also extract water from the air if conditions permit via air  filter intake and intake coupling.

The micro phone and speaker plug ports the are upon the climate system ( blower vents) keeping the visor free of humidity or frost imparring  the users vision.  There is then exterior lighting facing outward upon the interface with the visor.The dual plug speaker microphone system the will plug into the gas mask nose piece ( also covering the mouth ) with redundant microphone inputs. the speaker then in the air blower vent with a channel within the helmet to that allow sound to reach the ears..

The helmet then is also able via the dehumidification system heat and or cool the interior of the helmet to aid in comfort and safety for extream conditions. The heat may also be augumented by electric resistance heating element.

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