" Stompers" an advanced survival boot.  (8/24/2016)

        In many conditions such as  cold weather, getting stranded in the elements can become deadly.  Frostbite and other illness may be caused from over exposure to cold weather so we have designed a heated  boot with a self sustained generator cycle upon it to then heat the boot's interior and charge a rechargeable 9 volt battery to then be able to be used in a flash light.

        The flash light will then snap to the tow snap and be secured with the tension strap then also snapping to the top side of the flash light. The flash light will also contain a voltage regulator the then be able to electrically charge other devices such as cell phones , music players...etc...

        The "Stompers" are an all weather light weight water proof hiking boot with safety features such as a steel tow exposed upon the exterior  (  a polished stainless steel ) also then containing an ankle brace "box" / flexing support frame... to prevent a twisted ankle due to slip or fall...

       Generator and boot temperature controls are then upon the control panel just under the hinging locking lid upon the back of the boot.

       The adjustable strap  with buckle clamp, is removable from the boot to then be used in emergency conditions as a turnakit to restrict blood loss should injury requiring the medical device to be used.

       Ever break a boot lace? this boot design used two separate boot laces should breakage of a boot lace occur..... the boot will still be able to be secured...

       The tension straps that lock to the snaps upon the tow and heel of the boot will then also aid in reduction of separation of the sole from the boot a preventive design feature to also ensure continual operation. ( acts as a "clamp" should you have to glue the sole back to the boot). The toe flashlight, that uses a  rechargeable 9 volt battery, snaps to the toe of the boot and has a dual lense window to shine light forward and downward upon the mirror polished stainless steel toe protector to then scatter the light to give a wider illumination.... the flashlight has a female end snap base affixed to the flashlight's base and a male snap base then upon the top surface to attach the tension strap upon the top side ( will require the adjustment of the tension strap thru the boot laces in a different fashion).

        The boot is insulated for the weather with a water proof light weight insert that also contains the electric heating element that plugs into the generator regulation electronics.

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