Static Compressor

Introducing the "Static Compressor"  a long range aero space propulsion system. That can be used for interstellar travel.

 The concept involves using a microwave beam to shatter a high intensity electric arc in a vacuum. Then compressing the free electrons into a magnetic venturi by secondary microwave transmitter. The high speed electron flow will increase in pressure and speed by the magnetic venturi then the electrons will enter the absorption chamber where a "low" pressure effect will occur.

 The electrical energy collected within the electron absorber will be recycled within the system then also to feed the high voltage electric arc. The system has three fuel less power sources. The compressed radiation wave will enter number 26 along with the electrons that did not become trapped within the electron absorption collector. The flow cycle is contained within a tubular retainer (the pressure cycle retainer is cylindrical )with the intake for the particle accelerators a slight funnel shape.

Intake assemblies "D" and "E" contain electromagnetic focus mechanisms to prevent the overheating of the tube...the electromagnets within the tubes "D" and "E" will continue until it reaches the particle accelerator. The particle accelerator also contains beam focus mechanisms for safe and controlled operation.

 The wave will decompress and be absorbed but the electrons will continue in cycle into a particle accelerator where the speed will be increased. Electron flow post accelerator will enter the electron "gun" with a tube shaped emission to then hyper stream the electron compression within the arc chamber.

 The "pusher" transmitter is a greater circumference than the cone transmitter so that shape of the waves remain in form. The system should be shielded from external forms of radiation  including electromagnetic pulse.The emission from the electron "gun" is tubular and slightly greater circumference than the "pusher transmitter" The particle accelerators dump into the Arc chamber on the outer circumference of the electron "gun" and focus at emission point forming two arcs that collide at the magnetic venturi assisting in velocity from the electron "gun".

 Remember to factor random field neutrino ,dark energy,dark matter,and the electrical charge of empty space when traveling at high velocities.
Manipulation of the Boson  field may also be required as shielding for the hull of the craft at or near light speed.

Following find the electrode design for the interior of the static compressor system....

The electrode depicted above then uses a diamond cap with the diamond then cultured with boron to cause conductivity electrically. The Germainum is then the "feed" electrodes and is raw then sliding slowly ( at controlled rate ) throught he electrically hot titanium "hot block" to then transfer the arc point of contact. The negative electrode is then in the same fashion.

  The reason for a a "feed electrode" ( germanium rods / automatic feed system with redundant safety fault)  is simple... as the arc will wear down the material a rod push then required to continue to have the electrode at the surface of the Boron diamond. Deposition of the metal ( germanium is then collected by high intensity magnetics to be recycled then collected prior to entering the electron emitter at number 17.... ) the "metal" then may over time collect upon the interior surfaces of the accelerator as well but can be reused...

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