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Geoengineering - Climate Change Mitigation

Space Farm Starcraft

In certain conditions increased farm space will be needed when terraforming . The following design system is a start...

Growing algae to produce lubricants in space as well as then being able to "print" tools is an advancement upon a space craft. Algae also then, could grow atmosphere and shield stasis or sleeping chambers with cycling live culture blooms within the hull structure of the chamber then allowing an interior air environment with climate control...

*Note - within the water confinement system the holding tanks must account for ice expansion distances

           and not effect the hull separate inner containment.

* Note -  system weight to earth gravity vs. engine / motor performance to then cause re-entry

               at 1' ( one foot per second )  controlled / hull still thermally designed for high temperatures...)

* Note -  evac  rings identical

* Note  - ( time is a flow... high rate of travel is then high flow rate... of time / plant  condensate "weep" kinda

              like posi mass... will work if concentrated to correct density levels and monitored for

              levels..... glass ( silicate ) may also assist in shielding... must be cautious  tooth ache...... ? :)

* Note - Gravity Thrust motors are spherical positional mobiles to allow

              a "hover motor"
              to cause a sealed force vectoring discharge also also allow for course corrections.

* Note - The soil retainer then of organic weave then from the bio coils growing algae to then weave

             a mesh that allows for soil retention in place yet allows for the plants to be retained when in

             linear motion ( high speed travel )

Ponderance... e=mc2  ( Albert Einstein's )  then of the speed of light... factor the zig zag of

                       photon? change the equation? ( distance is then greater )....

                       factor swells of  dark matter random... string knit ( string theory), factoring

                       solids electromagnetic  field dimensionaly causing charge electrically..

                       ie. third dimensional objects...   electro-magnatism of solids ( reality an

                       electromagnetic illusion... access along those lines of ponderence..

                       and  electrical charge there in? ... 

                      alignment...  particle density fields? charge of

                      empty space  also a factor in high speed travel.

                      Phase changes effects at rate of velocity due to particle affectivity. 

                      ( top /bottom...Quark effectivity )

                      At rate for engine systems also factor particle

                      gain in the confinement system such a Neutrinos..