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Solar Water Harvest Tube
Potable water availability is a problem for millions of people across the world currently... finding the cost effective method with low cost product construction is a challenge...


"The Solar Water Harvest Tube"

Harvesting ambient humidity using Solar energy is a method that is able to then obtain potable water from the air with minimal human effort . ( periodic system cleaning is periodically required ) the water exiting the Solar Water Harvest Tube will then enter a micro distillation system powered by the 12v solar panel. This will reduce water borne contamination due to growth of pathogens that cause illness.... the clean condensate from the distillation unit may then be used for agriculture and human consumption after distillation..

The design presented can also be installed with the addition of a photovoltaic power / solar panel within the solar "wick", to then power a small  air exhaust blower fan and water pump installed upon the water exhaust tube to then pressurize  the water flow discharge.  The system must be cleaned periodically to prevent pathogens forming in the system.