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Self Driving Car Trench

The design then to aid in the control of the vehicle... the "egg then with object obstruction detection to indicate if the trench is obstructed by an object causing an alarm and auto breaking in a gradual fashion to safely slow and stop the vehicle...then trench also acting as a drain that may be heated. Additionally "ultra sonic repellers" within the trench may also aid in keeping animals from entering the trench and or keeping deer away from the road way.

The "egg" then like a oblong shape able to pivot upon it's center to then lift out of the trench automatically the mounting adjustment able to pivot horizontally to adjust for extraction also then communicating with the automobiles steering wheel and tire position while referencing the metal ridge of the trench keeping the extraction process aligned.

The design then able to assist in preventing semi-truck / tractor trailer  "jack knife" and or cross medium accidents due to weather....

The design may also work for standard cars that require a driver  with the sensor system and safety features in place.......

Fog is a big problem in some locations and with the sensors on the egg in the trench a signal bounce "radio / sonar" then giving distance of object ahead may prevent collision...

The drain at the center of the intersection  and within the lane center trench will then have powered water evacuation via

with the optional ability to heat the trench to melt ice.

The design then will also be able to prevent accidents upon the road way keeping the aft of the vehicle from loosing the lane.