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Sealed Force Vectoring

This system is intended to demonstrate that hovering a heavier than air object is possible...with zero exterior craft emission. Currently we have a massive National Debt...Asteroid mining can harvest the precious metals to balance the debt.....

 These mining devices can shuttle the metals back to the ground to then at controlled rate reverse the national debt as not to depreciate the the monetary value of the harvested metals. This design will support tool arms to assist in asteroid control and the actual digging upon the asteroid.

The design may also be useful for asteroid impact mitigation as it can apply constant force with zero need to refuel and be useful for long periods.

The system sustains velocity by drafting pneumatic pressure ie. number 32 spins faster then causing number 32 to spin faster......the pneumatic velocity rate then generates electricity to then power the compounding vertical  vectoring lifting electric jets, number 12

* Note the electromagnetic clutch in number 18 then adjust the vacuum pressure. The vacuum will be greater in "negative pressure" than the rate and pressure vectoring into the chambers.
The electromagnetic clutch will then adjust  the altitude control system.  The horizontal vectoring  for slow tilting will then be the increase and or reduction of electrical current in number 12b.  High speed lateral control in zero gravity can be attained by "Static Compressor"....

* Note - Due to static electricity...occurring from high velocity flow of pneumatic pressure multiple electricity grounding points may be required....

* A max pressure vent of pressure recovery system can also be added unto the system so that if the system then breaches the operating pneumatic pressure it can recover the air pressure.

* Note - note drive chain number 4,  is encased with correct weight oil within the case to lubricate the drive chain.

* Note -  Post number 12 an additional pneumatic focusing venturi with discharge retainer valve that can also pivot ( ie. angle discharge thrust ) will be installed within the
               flow tube number 11. The venturi will also contain a max pressure over pressure safety pressure relief valve that will channel it's discharge into the vacuum
               system intake manifold number 20.

* Note - The vacuum flow in number 15 then into 20 ..will have  an array of intake ports upon number 15 as to tune the pressurized discharged flow into number 15. Polar array
              about the top of the vacuum sphere.

* Note - The polar array is the entire pressure system 6 times about 360 degrees....

* Note - Number 30 will also contain an electric motor and electromagnetic clutch system powered by the generator number 23.

* Note - number 12 is a compounding electric compression cycle . The is motivated by electric motor 12b and 12b is connected to the low side of the ratio gear set propelling the propeller compressor  ( 12a) to 10 times the rotational rate and accelerating the volume pneumatic displacement  by the pneumatic velocity flow then impaling the transonic impeller ( 12a ) that is also being rotated by the electric motor...this allows increasing rotational rate and displacement velocity on fixed current.

* - Note - Because space is cold...the heating system  for internal gas pressure cycle will then be wrapped around the diagonal tube under the compounding compressors number 12.