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Sea Trough


Currently Storm surge protection after super storm Sandy became an issue ... the Sea Trough system may be a cost effective method to prevent such activities in the future...
The connector units will be able to fly the troughs into place and also control and maintain the troughs  position during high tide / storm surge activities. The troughs can scale ..... 20' - 40' max and constructed out of carbon carbon fiber matrix embedded in recycled aluminum and coated to withstand the corrosive effect of salt water... the system will also contain wildlife protection screens to prevent marine life from entering the system ( upon curved support brace and across the open trough upon the curved support members..) ...a sonic repeller may also be added to the system cause wild life to avoid the system...

When storm surge and or abnormally high tide threatens populated coastal environments the ballast tanks will fill and lower the trough to then allow a  water fall effect effectively dropping the sea level... and causing the filling of the trough. Dealing with the volume of the water during such activities is a bit difficult...but hyper capacity pumping can serve the application also in addition to the trough system sunken cavitation  ( hollow spheres / weighted and or hollow cylinders / weighted ) , under the beach ,land and under water..., that are air filled can be used to then allow their filling ( of water ) to cause a delay effect of high water causing damage upon the shoreline . This also allows for the temporary storage of the water. ( water to then be pumped out  "constant run" by high capacity fuelless submersible pumping discharge then fed to containment upon the shore line... / oceanic distillation plant for fresh water from salt water.... ) and refilled with the air ready for the next re use. )  ....The pump designs had to be fuel less ( motion actuated by dual pressure cycles ) and operate at ultra high rates of rotation... This allows the adaptation to be implemented cost effective.

The trough connectors then also being sealed flight systems that will have hinging electromagnetic locks will allow the system to follow the contour of the shore line and flex when in operation ( connected ) ..... When the troughs are flown into place hard coated steel cables will also act as a safety system. The flight systems "plunge" the trough into the water deeper when the storm surge is then encountered so the trough does not "ride up" on the increased water level.