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School Room Security Door System

The following then is a school room security system that contains redundant metal detection system and is also able to off set the cost of installation providing heating and or air conditioning / air filtration for the class room via a fuel less generator system.

The design then of bullet proof construction and contains a door handle lock plate to cover the door handle also preventing the removal of the handle via security plate.

the CO2 ( Carbon Dioxide), scrubber system also monitors the CO2 level in the class room and maintains a safe level of O2 ( oxygen).

The radio may alert police and or medical services as well as broadcast to the school Pa system ( audio announcement system) .

The class room entry door and the door from the hall  will be able to be locked if the metal detector is set off by detection of metal... then with discharge tray slot opening to the entry hall way for controlled extraction of any weapon detection.

The door bell is then within the "vault" and actuates the system requiring someone within the class room to manually allow entry into the class room.

Upon one exterior wall also then is a mounting recess for a fire extinguisher since today most lap tops and cell phones use lithium batteries and have at time demonstrated a fire hazard.