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Geoengineering - Climate Change Mitigation

Root Gas Sponge

Examining plant life an interesting addition may be a sponge then surrounding the roots of the plants to then force feed  gas ( N2 / CO2 /other )  through the pores of the sponge to then feed the roots of the plants to balance the soil and or to water the plants in lieu of spraying the produce with fertilizer then getting it onto the produce.  The shape of the sponge will then be in the shape of a "u" horseshoe with a hard rigid casing to support the earth cover atop the sponge . The casings are reusable allowing for sponge inserts then within the interior of the  "u" shape. Semi circles  or total circles may also be used as the casing shape to retain the sponges.

A stainless steel cable then secured to each casing with " tow out " hoop will then affix to each casing allowing then to be removed very quickly  by clipping them to a long cable and pulling them out with a tractor before harvest. Granted these designs take a bit of preparation to use but does reduce the cost over all as the "fertilizer" harvesting systems then will not repeatedly cost the farmer as the N2

( nitrogen) is harvested from the air itself. Some crop types will require  a "bar sponge" then also able to connect in long assemblies for industrial furrows then allowing for the N2 to be pumped to the root systems under the dirt not contaminating the produce with trace fertilizer .