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Roadway Modifications
          In the current state of roadway design we have ( in my opinion ) mis managed the design of roadway systems for human safety.
Ideas presented are multiple effect corrections. First for driving safety, we suggest subterranean road ways that are two stories deep with the first level then bio gardens and storm shelter with Aquaponics and green houses for food production by artificial light ( powered by bio tank design ) . The current heavy equipment by powered diesel fuel is not the correct system to dig the trenches for the modification. Fuel less high voltage Heavy equipment can then do the job cost effective to implement the adaptation.

So, then the second floor of the trench is then the roadway......currently we have two lane highways.....and many problems with cars and trucks merging into high velocity rate traffic. So we suggest the fast lane then would become the "rate" lane the slow lane become the merge lane and the system will sense with modified fuel less self charging electric cars when it is safe to switch lanes ....merge.....proximity sensors within the new automobiles will prevent crashes ( auto breaking and lane deviation ) and will also cause safe merging. all exiting vehicles would then exit left as to not to have to cross into the merge lane...with long "off ramp" lanes to then also have the road enter a dual helix spiral exit tower that will prevent storm water and or flood water from entering the road system.

Having the roadway under ground allows for safer pedestrian foot traffic and avoids wildlife injury above ground . The rail way should also by subterranean on the second floor decks to get the semi trucks off the interstate high ways then using smaller short range  transport vehicles to get from intermodal depots then transporting the products to their respective retailers...this will produce more trucking jobs  smaller loads...more trucks...less fuel ...see?

The exits of the redesigned road system are all left exits from the left lane with no 90 degree intersections. The merge lane then for the most part being kept open is then for Emergency vehicles such as Fire /  Police / Rescue would then have the traffic free merge lane with the incoming traffic then halted by traffic lights and gate bars that resemble rail road crossing hinged gates... The advancing Emergency vehicles will then have transmitters activating the merge lane on ramp traffic to halt to then cause clear lane blocking  in coming traffic.....

The lower deck ( plant bay ) can then be used as a detour when road resurfacing is required upon the upper deck so that no road workers are in harms way due to traffic... roller coaster road....  :).  it has it's up and downs....

The dashed lines and lane edge upon the roads surface are then a paint that will be electrically effected  causing a luminary "glow" effect.

Also a magnetic guide track maybe embedded within the rate lane to then assist the automobile guide itself.... with automobiles that can also gauge the rate of the vehicle and sense the vehicle in front of them then to cause automatic breaking....  the magnetic guide track in the road will also be able to steer the car as the automobile once locked into the rate lane will then have it's on board processing system be activated by the driver... The driver will be able to manually over ride the system by human interaction... ie. manually turning the wheel and or using the breaks.. and or accelerator....

For emergency vehicles ( police , fire and rescue  ) , an additional radio frequency transmitter within the emergency vehicles can then alert other drivers through the audio warming system sensor within their cars ( warning sensor description upon , ).

Rate of travel is also a major issue that causes injury so with the automotive advancements presented upon this site we will also recommend lowering the speed limit to a maximum rate of travel in the new system to 35 MPH. That way the auto cars design material selections.. can be cost effective to produce and mated with the required safety level required to better avoid injury should crashes occur. It's dual cost  factor and worth the slower travel time.  For heavy traffic areas where multi lane high ways exist currently multiple additional tunnel systems may be then dug deeper.  The systems will if deeper will also have to then be supported correctly for seismic activity with required pedestrian exits ( stair wells  also flood safe towers ). Because the Adaptation of "Active" self charging electric cars...the tunnels will also have to be vented correctly for Ozone production.... Also small shops / rest areas can be the off the new roadway system ....also subterranean.

For travel safety hazard warning lights to alert drivers to slow down upon the ceiling  and or walls of the tunnel can be activated by activators with in the cars themselves and or by manual activation at locations at intervals within the system....lights will also be caused to activate if vehicles are following to close to each other.

Also a three rail system for trains should be in place two rail base and one top rail installed...  so that guide wheel assemblies mounted upon the roof of train cars would then be guided by the fixed top rail , then prevents de-railment.

The current systems for public transportation within urban environments can become costly as so many short trips are required...Changing the way the transportation system operates ie. the implementation of fuel less generators that self sustain , then makes the cost of the tickets to ride less...allowing for more money to up keep and operate the upgraded public transportation systems..

Above ground travel  is cumbersome ... a slow moving "Disk Lifter" ( zero pneumatic intake ) personal float disk ( engine system ) that can hover low to the ground and then be sensitive to objects people to prevent collisions may be an alternative.....

In addition...  cities like Detroit  have lost their Industrial base an have many other American how to re vitalize an industry? A New Product to replace what currently cannot be sustained. So manufacture an upgraded automotive product ( many listed upon the site ) and increase the job opportunities creating a greater tax base to then also be used to improve the living conditions for the people and  municipal infrastructure and upgrade the water , sewage and utility system for the general public..... make sense to me... The way we are currently doing things leads to hyper inflation and the people with less will be effect first..presenting an alternative but it takes work... and assistance...

The domes may also the replace dilapidated dwelling with safer structures within urban better protect people..the cost for the correction can in be generated by the low cost monetary charge for the electricity that the improved automobiles use. Currently gasoline is $3.00 +/- per gallon and you get from 30 - 50 miles per gallon so it's aprox $0.10 dollars per mile....think what bringing the cost down per mile does... still have to extract small amount to keep roadway current...paving , bridge  maintenance repair etc. ( cost of infrastructure
also drops with the generator designs used for maintenance  equipment... so bring it down to $0.05 dollars...then the profit is invested in the infrastructure assist to poor and the money is not burned ..wasted ( also poisoning the environment causing health cost to rise)...see? Fuel is like an out of control interest rate on a credit card... and in time cost of fuel may rise due to oil production rates...

Lets examine public transportation a little more... So we will ask .. Why do people not use public transportation more? Several issues...

 accessibility / cost ..the bus designs not ergonomically comfortable for the people...handicap access....rider safety equipment ever seen people standing on a crowded city bus?

Solve ; redesign the bus so that seating is not cramped.... to deal with the numbers of people needing transportation within a given time frame then more buses can be
           upon their respective routes so standing while riding will not be required......with fuel less electric generators the municipality can afford more buses active then not
           having to pay for a product ( fuel ) that is expensive and in most cases causing pollution...diesel, gasoline, Plug in electrics ( unless by alternative energy / vehicles that
           charge upon electricity from coal / nuclear Natural gas power station don't fix the problem ) and Natural gas powered vehicles
           still cause air borne  emissions ....all of that can be corrected with our upgraded automotive engine systems..

Weather plays a large part in traffic accidents and all of that can be avoided....if the roads are covered.... underground.... saves lives....To prevent flooding waters from entering the subterranean road system double helix entry towers will be constructed equipped with hyper capacity fuel less pumping for water removal around the double spiraling entry towers and within the tunnels themselves. So from outside the entry spiral will travel upward ( above "possible"  flooding ) and the down spiral will then lead to tunnel entry.Type your paragraph here.