Remote Water Collector

The "Remote Water Collector" is a design system intended to provide distilled water in remote locations then deriving the water via de-humidification. The design system is also able to serve multiple function then as a cook stove where fuel is un-obtainable as the dome lid may be removed and expose the hot plate to accommodate cook ware..... The design will also be able to act as a fuel less heater ( contains tilt fault safety switching - shuts off if not in the vertical position. "

The design implements the stratification of  "air" to derive O2 ( oxygen).  Safety sensors act as fault interrupt to cause systems all stop if incorrect setting  of external excessive levels of O2 are detected by oxygen sensors.

The design is intended for dwelling external use ( intended for outside use) though the heat produced may be channeled into the house via air exchanger and additional blower fan. The excess electricity may also the be caused to power air conditioning for the interior of the dwelling.

Geoengineering - Climate Change Mitigation

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