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Pulse Resonance Planetary Core Heater

As observed the Earth 's planetary magnetic field, that shields us from the solar wind then retaining the atmosphere, has been observed as erratic and declining in magnetic strength. Geologist have examined that the Earth's magnetic field in the Earth's history has the reversed itself causing periods of increased radiation in certain locations when the poles are shifting. This is dangerous for the evolving biological system upon the surface of the planet.

Currently the  understanding is that radio activity adds to the planetary core's heat... yet it is observed in declination.

We are proposing a system  to artificially heat the mid  mantle to then stabilize the temperature .. Might sound a bit far out but it's possible...

Resonance  and cross wave ( concentration intersections)  of  pulsed micro wave beams  then placed by oil rig drilling systems that can also bore horizontally may add to the the thermal stability of deep ranges underground.

It would be extremely expensive to implement but the power systems to drive the safety tool are also presented


Additionally a less expensive product , ( per unit ), to the increase the planetary magnetic field would then be distributed "low gain" devices to then over a large circumference, with many units, to align and add one exposed electromagnetic pole of a magnet to the geophysical location .. ie. one "North" pole exposed upon the planetary "north pole" and one "South" pole of an electromagnetic exposed  upward upon Antarctica.

The electromagnetic would be fashioned in a magnetic focusing  "tube" then insulated, also only allowing the North field exposed... the South magnetic field would then be insulated from magnetism ( North Pole geophysical

location )  and not allow the magnet to short loop ( ie. close field unto itself ) . The inverse the for the Antarctica system the with the "South " pole the upward and exposed while the north pole of the electromagnet then magnetically shielded / sealed.

The same system of uni directional exposed electro-magnetics would then be installed about a  20 mile ( inner diameter ) to 100 + mile ( outer diameter ) circle the distributed at each magnetic pole of the planet to cause an increased focus and "gain" of magnetism in an attempt to stable and increase the planetary magnetic field for shielding stability.

The systems electrical production to feed current to the electromagnets would then be derive from fuel less high density electricity power production systems listed upon our site  such as

The systems bay be mounted upon inner tube type flotation  devices full of expandable rigid foam.

The design system will also contain additional external electricity receptacle for external electrical power out put.