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Power Source

power source
The "power source " is a self sustained system once activated. it can spin up from house current battery or solar panel.  Once it gets going the design compounds rotation with an advancing field coil.

The dual function  electric motor (also dynamo when at speed) , is engaged from exterior source current and causes the electric motor to spin.  The electric motor is attached to a hydraulic pump and pneumatic impeller. The argon spin up cycle is also available if one way valve is placed on argon tank return line so that the tank retains high pressure. The argon vents and flows thru a control valve and impales the impeller attached to the hydraulic  pump and electric motor.  Next the argon flows into a special type of centrifugal compressor. The compressor has an advancing field coil and an armature that orbits at a larger diameter.  The hydraulic flow advances the field coils that drive the compressor and at the same time rotates  a dynamo generating electricity. On the other side of the dynamo there is an argon impeller that has the pressure post compressor going through it. This also aids in the rotation of the argon compressor's field coil . The hydraulic flow becomes a liquid flywheel and then cycles back to the motorized pump to repeat in cycle. The dynamo powers the compressor and electric motor with small amounts of current as the argon flow pressure is used to keep the system self sustained. At this point the control system could shut off the electricity from the power company and then would reduce greenhouse gases as the "power source " has zero emissions. The DC current then is then inverted   into AC current for house hold use. When at running speed the dual function electric motor / dynamo is then powering the centrifugal compressor and the other dynamo is dedicated output. Both are permanent magnetic systems but with electromagnetic windings to amplify magnetic  field intensity. The important thing for the compressor is that the field coil advances on hydraulic flow.  The field coil can be as a standard design with the field coil windings at a larger diameter and the armature in the center or as depicted both will work.

The problem this is solving is cost of alternative energy systems as there is no battery storage required for active generation and it is far more reliable than systems effected by weather.