Power Griffin

This design uses an electromagnetic clutch
to advance the field coil of an electric motor with the motor driving an argon impeller and hydraulic pump.  The argon post impeller enters a centrifugal compressor to hyper excite the flow of pressure . The compressor has an advancing field coil driven by hydraulic flow on the same rotational shaft as a generator. On the other side of the generator is an argon impeller that has flow post compressor going through it. This speeds up the compressor.  The electric motor is then fed by house current or battery tank  to start up then small amounts of generated current sustain the reaction and perpetual motion is achieved. The hydraulic fluid becomes a pressurized liquid flywheel. The flow lines are grounded because of static electrical charge. In the lower picture the redesigned electric motor with advancing field coil has in addition two permanent magnetic electric generators attached to the drive shaft. One feeds current to the redesigned electric motor with electromagnetic clutch and the other is the dedicated output. The generator on the pneumatic turbo compressor's drive shaft is the powering the motor for the pneumatic turbo compressor and charging the battery system.

Another path is to add in addition to the two electric generators on the redesigned electric motor's drive shaft, an electric generator attached to the high speed side of the pneumatic turbo compressor. That generator will then feed current to the redesigned electric motor. The two generators on the redesigned electric motor will then be redundancy for current output.

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