Portable Construction Generator

The  "Portable Construction Generator" is a portable power source to accommodate electricity requirements upon remote job sites where grid current is not available.

Parts List

1.  control panel ( contain on/ off switch - " all stop function - also as an automatic function, electric output

     meter , illuminated panel then weather safe

2. air compressor ( electric motor driven) contains automatic actuation electronic circuits to then engage the

    air compressor when referencing the air pressure within the high pressure dual component pressure

    storage tank.

3. manual hand air pump

4. manual air pump / hand pump retainer clip

5. air hose rated for pneumatic pressure

6. manual hand air pump hinge mounting base

7. oil return pipe

8. pressure tank coupling

9. pneumatic pressure rated pipe

10. one way valve  and pressure tank coupling

11. high pressure rated screw cap with gasket

12. pressure sensor pneumatic electric reports to the systems logic processing system electronic

      circuit control board

13. over pressure pressure relief vent valve

14. coupling / fitting accepting threaded pipe union

15. oil flow pipe ( silicone oil )

16. dual component pressure storage tank ( silicone oil and pneumatic pressure " air  pressure" causes

      oil pressure.

17. electrical ground point - the flow pipe is electrically grounded to prevent static electricity due to flow of oil

18. silicone oil

19. air pressure

20. oil filter mounting base also as a coupling to the dual component pressure storage pressure

      tank , number 16 allows for exhaust  "discharge " oil from the dual component pressure storage tank

21. oil filter

22. oil flow valve / manual and electric contains solenoid to assist in the " all stop " function to then close the

      valve stopping the  oil flow

23. oil reservoir silicone oil

24. oil pressure sensor and  equilibrium dampener valve ( opens and allows oil from the reservoir to then enter

      the pressure tank pressurized

25. oil reservoir flow pipe threaded fitting

26. flow valve with over pressure divergence valve allows for the over pressure " back pressure" to then vent

      to the oil reservoir under high pressure - an oil pressure regulation valve

27. oil flow pipe

28. oil pump

29. counter tilt hydraulic ( oil ) impeller

30. electric drive motor

31. 1:20 ratio gear set  high rotation side of the ratio gear set tandem with the armature of the

      electric motor, number 30

32. hydraulic impeller- number 28 causes hydraulic draft - suction of the oil to then accelerate the total

      generator drive line assembly

33. hall effect R.P.M. ( revolutions per minute ) sensor

34. union bolt plates

35. high voltage generator

36. magneto p.m. ( permanent magnet ) generator

37. voltage regulator

38. circuit breaker box  ( illuminated by lamp)

39. final voltage regulator for both Ac 120v and 240v electricity output

40. electrical ground  ( as a physical metal pin inserted into the earth when the system is in use

41. oil tank reservoir ( a pressure rated container)

42. oil reservoir pressure rated screw cap with gasket

43. system logic / mapping control circuit electronics board  "bay"

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