Geoengineering - Climate Change Mitigation

Design Desk Inc.

Pond in a Box

              The  world currently has a problem with fresh water availability ..... Design Desk Inc. is presenting a solve to the situation... A self sustained dehumidification system that can also be used to then cause heat for a greenhouse to allow for food production in cold and or arid climates. The following design system then increases the arid lands value then allowing for farming where water is a problem.....
           The ponds then created in remote location may then also be able to assist fire fighters suppress wild fires in a safer manner also utilizing our fire drone design ( forest fire suppression system),  with the incorporated hover motors within the flying autonomous wild fire suppression system.  The following design system also then providing a fuel less pumping system for earth ice cap repair system with the hover craft the building ice upon the polar regions and allowing for shipping lanes to then be maintained in the frozen regions at the same time.

          The design system may also be used to reduce road way "fog" then providing greater visibility for drivers in certain regions.

          In addition the design system may be implemented to reduce house fires as the heating system for radiators can then be external to the home....and also then produce clean potable water for human consumption  post an additional distillation process ( with additional filtration for industrial pollution caused by automobiles exhaust and or industry industrial processes that contaminate the

atmosphere )... the "pond" can channel into water tank cistern for washing clothes , bathing ...etc.....

          The system may assist in frost protection for crops.....

          A useful system for aquaculture , aquaponics.....  ( plant and fish production ). Also  this system then may then be used as a floating  swimming pool heater system that keeps the pool full and prevents water loss due to evaporation.

         The design system may also be used to then provide emergency electricity for dwellings if  the systems is pulled from the water then docked upon the shore ( fountain ring on land ! anchored ! also grounded electrically to the shore ( additional plug and ground spike ) , The receptacle port opened (weather safe water resistant type ), and additionally grounded with correct gauge wire to carry 240v Ac current to the house circuit breaker / fuse box.

Parts List

1. Pressure rated silicone oil fill cap with pneumatic pressure, air pressure relief valve
2. Combined silicone oil and pneumatic  ( air ) pressure pressure storage containment vessel
3. Piston type air compressor ( stainless steel ) with internal electric motor to assist rotation... and R.P.M. sensor then reporting to the logic mapping electronics
4. Electromagnetic clutch
5. 1:4 ratio gear set ( high side rotation toward  number 6 )
6. Pneumatic impeller  ( centrifugal air pump )
7. 1:10 ratio gear set ( high side rotation toward number 8 )
8. Silicone oil hydraulic impeller
9. 1:20 ratio gear set ( high side toward number 10 ) With internal pneumatic impeller  then rotating in tandem with the higher rotational rate side of the gear set  with feed pressure
    from number 42 with one way valve and variable positional flow valve upon the additional injection tube to counter tilt the effect of the ratio gear set. The pneumatic exhaust to
    then vent to the bubble ring upon the base of the dehumidification system. The second number 42 out flow tube then passes through the "tee" valve and feeds the air hoses number 70
10. Hydraulic pump ( silicone oil )
11. Electric motor with internal R.P.M. ( revolutions per minute ) sensor  also  connected to number 56 by "ribbon" multi wire connector
12. Generator ( Ac or Dc platforms with magneto where required )
13. Pneumatic compressor also acts as "Start" impeller
14. 1:4 ratio gear set with internal electric motor ( electric motor tandem to the low

      side of rotation )
15. Centrifugal water pump
16. Pneumatic impeller
17. Water flow tube coupling
18. Electric water pump with pneumatic assist also containing pneumatic impeller
19. On demand electric water heater
20. Refrigeration condenser water ( rain intake proof ) vent
21. Refrigeration compressor and required flow valve systems
22. Ribbon wire "bus" connector for multi wire ribbon
23. Flow valve hydraulic " silicone oil"  ( electric actuation )
24. Flow valve pneumatic, "air pressure"  ( electric actuation )
25. Flow rate safety sensor by pressure and one way flow valve  ( component for system / mapping logic circuits "causing then "all stop" if fault indication )
26. Electric motor
27. Multi port flow valve ( electric actuation )
28. One way valve  ( pneumatic )
29. Venting tube to submerged "bubble ring"
30. Pneumatic impeller with R.P.M.  ( revolutions per minute ) sensor
31. Flow restriction "baffle" within the air intake filter for the dehumidification process
32. Pneumatic impeller over pressure safety valve and exhaust tube
34. Air intake  tube and filter ( separate from the dehmidification system  / feeds the piston type air compressor )
35. Insulated cooling  "box" containing refrigeration evaporator
36. Electric motor with pneumatic assist impeller system
37. Water condensate intake port with water filter / screen
38. Water exhaust tube
39. Photovoltaic ( solar panel )
40. Self sustained dehumidification system
41. Humidity air intake from humid air intake ring sum of four about 360 degrees at quadrant points
42. Air pressure "couplings" for low mount "submerged" bubble bars at the base of the pond / connects the air hoses
43. Humid air blower fan driven by the electric motor number 36
44. Large diameter pneumatic impellers ( circumference of the blower fan ) connector tube to add pressure into the smaller tandem mount pneumatic impeller within the electric motor
      number 36.
45. Oil flow tube ( pressure rated for operation parameters )
46. Pneumatic flow tube ( pressure rated for operation parameters )
47. Refrigerant flow tubes
48. Refrigeration condenser
49. Main fountain / water heater, water intake flow tube
50. Water flow tubes to and from the on demand hot water heater
51. Water tube to the fountain spray  "head"
52. Water feed to the water tube to the exhaust tube ( hot heat a greenhouse or also cold to then feed water to crops / agriculture producing fields
53. Max pressure safety valve ( relieves pressure for safe system operation )
54. Transformer ( electrical component )
55. Multi wire "bus" connector for valve control / system sensors - fault components
56. Main electronics bay ( system control circuits / systems mapping logic )
57. Fountain spray "head" connected to number 58
58. Threaded spray head mounting tube ( affixes  the fountain spray head )
59. Radio frequency antenna communicated with the  Remote control unit to direct the systems functions
60. Water flow tube for the fountain head
61. Flotation ring
62. Mounting supports sum of four about 360 degrees at quadrant points
63. Sponge type intake air filter
64. Humidity air intake "ring"
65. Air intake slots outer circumference of the humid air intake ring
66.  Air bubble vent "ring"  ( provides increased oxygen for healthy aquatic life )
67.  Water hose / tube to shore  (hot / cold)  water exhaust  hot water heats the green

      house ...cold then to water plants
68. Weighted base
69. Hose clamps
70. Air hose ( pressure rated ) connects to base bubble blow bar
71. Plastic coated ( non conductive electrically )redundant , "anchor" cord conductive electrically as systems electrical ground
72. Water tube to filtration box number 85
73. Bubble blow bars
74. Clay balls stack and layer atop the pond plastic pond liner ( spheres kiln fired fish egg safety )
75. Plastic pond liner  ( multiple shapes ....  an be trimmed to fit desired contour )
76. Silt collection box
77. Electric water pump
78.  Silt box weight and bubble bar mounting ring
79. Water flow tube
80. Water intake filter screen
81. Multiple port slot intake water intake pipe
82. Silt box anchor
83. Silt box water injection tube ( flushes the system with the filter atop the floating dehumidifier the detached to then keep debris out of the dehumidifiers flow cycles
84. Electrical power feed to buried electric water pump water proof sheath and non corrosive. (  electrically grounded above the pond on shore )
85. Water filter
86.  Photovoltaic ( solar panel ) control systems
87. Water safe electronics box contains systems circuits
88. One way valve ( pneumatic fill valve )
89. Humid air contour tilt tray drops toward blower fan
90. Pressurized ( air ) motivator tubes for pneumatically powered dew harvesters ( placed upon land with humidity then pumped to  floating dehumidifier fountain )
91. Dew humidity harvester ( collects wider area of humidity connectable in long assemblies )
92. Pneumatically driven compression fan ( pneumatic impeller circumference )
93. Pneumatic impeller vanes
94. Air filter ( keeps insects out )
95. Rain guard ( prevents rain water from entering the humidity harvester )
96. Air flow intake
97. Pneumatic power tube connects multiple units.....
98. Air bubbles
99. Flotation sphere
100 . System diameter
101. Fountain spray pattern
102. Multi wire ribbon connector "bus" connector
103. Humidity resistant electronics box
104. Dehumidifier intake air filter
105. Field humidity collectors ( number 91) intake port upon floating dehumidifier
106. Green house connecting mounting arch ( connects multiple arches )
107. Humidity collection tube ( from humid environment )
108. Translucent / transparent greenhouse arch UVA ,UVB, light resistant plastic, may be connected in long chains ... to create long greenhouses..
109.  Arch anchor base ( locks arch to the ground )

* Note - Vent number 42 the also has a valved ( electric ) "tee" connector to then feed the air pressure to the two number 70 air hoses

* Note - Number 85's water discharge is then connected via flow tube number 49 with the water discharging then into number 17.

 "A" = connecting drive shafts

        The following system starts with the  Photovoltaic solar panel then causing electricity to the allow for the hydraulic and pneumatic valves to actuate.

        The open valves  then venting pressure from the combined silicone oil and pneumatic pressure system then cause the generating assembly to rotate.

         Since the "draft effect " , ie. pumping hydraulic fluid (silicone oil ) across a ratio gear set  so that a compounding rotational rate increase / pumping from the high side of the ratio gear set pulling the volume of pressurized fluid  ( silicone oil ) across the low rotational rate side of the ratio gear set , then causing rotational rate increase upon fixed electrical current.

         Factoring basal fluid pressure and applied pneumatic pressure  within the "work" requirement of systems operation.

         The basal pressure ( oil / air pressure ) ,to then advance the effect of magnetic pressure within the electric drive motor.

         The higher current level,  then as electromagnetism / magnetic "pressure" within the electric motor, then advances it's zero point ( start point ) , in continual advancement yielding greater rotational rate and then producing more electrical current within the generator.

         The field resistance within the generator is then counter acted upon by the pneumatic displacement across number 6.

         A percentile of generated electricity is then able to reintroduced into the electric drive motor , number 11, to then increase system rate until required inertia is then attained to power all system components adequately.