In the current state of nutrition the cost of protein then at increase... the cross breeding of plants to produce different traits in genius is nothing new.. yet the "fruit" of the plants remain  some what similar.... the interlinking to the merger of different types of produce then serving the objective... a kidney bean then interlinked / cross bread with a potato... to then lower the protein cost of production and increase availability. Though the genius are different being a "night shade" and a bean..

Then to cause large "fruit" containing a higher protein. DNA  sequence the from the potato that regulates it size and surface "skin thickness" to then be introduced into the kidney bean plant... Also after analyzing the cost of production of multi vitamins the above technique may in fact be able to cause a grown multi vitamin. Some molecular covalent structure bonding will be missing ie. carriers... of mineral?/

The altered genius then with lectins bred out of the genius....

Geoengineering - Climate Change Mitigation

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