Pneumatic Flashlight
This design is intended to serve dual function as both a self sustaining electrical generator to produce current for a flashlight and to also to act as a charging system for cell phone , emergency locator beacon, music system , fire starter , thermal suit warmer resistor ( heated undergarments), micro water purification system ( by distillation ) and other plug in devices.

Logic; so this system self sustains electrical production because...
1. given pneumatic pressure released unto number 22 ( pneumatic impeller ) causing number 13 (air compressor ) rotate at 20 times rate of number 22...then causing pneumatic  draft (pull) of pressure across number 21 at effective increased velocity then accelerating the assembly producing more electricity.

2. pneumatic discharge is then re-introduced into the pressure bottle and into the side of a venturi " funnel" causing adhesion of flow pressure increasing venturi pressure exhaust increasing then the rate of discharge.

3. max flow rate regulated by flow rate / flow dampener number 9.

Ever been in a survival situation where a light weight device such as this could alter the comfort level?

* Note - number 11 also contains a one way valve  (on tube  into the pressure bottle ) that prevents the air pressure from escaping the pressure bottle when discharging the travel coil.

Description : The system starts by ;
1. Pushing number 15 to then clear the pressure bottle of pressure.
2. Place number 11 in the closed position this also closes number 9.
3. Compress pressure relief valve number 10 to evacuate the "pneumatic travel coil" then release 10.
4. Pump the hand pump until the max pressure safety valve number starts to vents air

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