Pneumatic Electric Car
Parts List

1. electric slide valve
2. commutator and brushes
3. mid size pulley or sprocket
4. tension pulley or sprocket
5. large pulley or sprocket
6. small pulley or sprocket
7. 1:4 ratio gear set
8. "hall effect" R.P.M. sensor
9. brushes and brush track
10. armature
11. advancing field coil
12. fixed field coil primary generator
13. armature current pick up primary generator
14. pneumatic impeller
15. pneumatic compressor
16. permanent magnetic high voltage generator
17. electric motor
18. belt or oiled chain (oil pump then on number 4)
19. computer control "mapping"
20. battery charger
21. pneumatic pressure tank
22. battery tank
23. piston type electric air compressor
24. automatic transmission
25. electric motor
26. drive shaft
27. pneumatic flow line
28. one way valve
29. max pressure safety valve and p.s.i. sensor
30. 12 volt alternator
31. large pneumatic turbo compressor


This system is used for an electric automobile. It is intended to provide constant current for continuous operation.

 The mapping computer allows current from the battery tank to power the primary generators internal electric motor and the electric motor number 17.

 When the primary generator reaches operating speed it is then feeding current to it's internal electric motor and current to number 17 (electric motor).

 This action shuts off current feed from the battery and then number 16 is the charging the battery tank. Number 16 powers the field coil for the primary generator and powers the electric motor number 25 that moves the car. Number 16 will have an adjustable field coil set by the mapping computer to allow the  "run away effect" to occur.

 Number 23 is controlled by the mapping computer referencing sensor number 29. Number 30 powers lights ,horn , radio all 12 volt functions.

 There will be a flow restriction valve on the flow line into number 15. (valve not depicted)Type your paragraph here.

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