Plug and Process Circuit Boards

The Plug and Process Circuit Boards design concept is a type of component exchange system so the electronics are then interfacing with the printed circuit boards solder less into a spring tension retainer clip. The printed circuit boards then connected where required with multi wire ribbon and multi wire bus clips... The "clip socket" then is inserted thru a hole in the circuit board with an electrically conductive back cap that hard presses unto the printed solder upon the circuit board. The compression of the back cap along with the socket retainer ridge upon the other side of the board creates enough pressure to keep the contact secure.

 The design makes the exchange of small electronics  without having to solder the component unto the printed circuit board.

The system as a whole technique will reduce the consumer tendency of disposable product planned obsolescence reducing electronic waste in the environment.

This as a function also reduces the cost of replacing a board that is thin or becomes damaged in current repair methods.. ie using heat to repair a circuit.

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