Pizza La Tua Strada

Around the circumference a slice is cut before baking the pizza and caused to be slightly elevated to allow for convection lifting the opening the cut is the length of each piece of pizza and held open with a food safe support  aluminum foil that is folded into a cone then inserted with the surface correctly positioned for food surface contact will work or food safe stainless steel cones with three port holes for the feet .

The cones that are oblong ( oval) at the larger circumferences to then wrap the extended dough atop the support form then ready for baking....for correct convection to the cheese atop the sauce on the dough the cone will have three pegs the attached to an additional piece of stainless steel that will allow the pegs to act as feet to lift the cone slightly the foot bar then is clipped to the hollow cone for baking and then when done the spring clip is removed and the feet bar is the pried upward with  a tool to then allow for the cones extraction without the cheese being effected.

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