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Phosphorus Recovery Balloon

The "Phosphorus Recovery Balloon" is a design system to clean up the farm run off from the agricultural fertilizers.

The design system is a dual toroid fuel less hot air balloon that suspends a material handling and processing system under the design where a gondola would be upon a standard hot air balloon. Electricity  generation system located at

The material processing system will then "dry" within a centrifuge / vacuum system ( cool / cold cycle minimum of 80% water extraction),  then to encapsulate the "dry uptake silt"  containing phosphorus, algae and other trace fertilizer components in dry ice ( frozen carbon dioxide) to reduce the electrical conductivity as a safety measure. The dry ice extracted from the environment via air distillation system or on board Amine system ( carbon dioxide scrubber). The detachable flight drone and processing system are then monitored by a radiation dose meter as material uptake will need monitoring.

The balloon will encapsulate the silt uptake in a ring of dry ice to be off loaded by an unmanned fuel less flight drone to then deposit the frozen silt ring at another location for the system to sort the collection of components to recover the phosphorus.  Within the systems material handling system is a Nitrogen super cooler to assist in the temperature drop while securing the slurry in frozen CO2.

The design will return clean water to the holding pond / lake / or wet land that the system is cleaning.....  The design corrects the Ph ( acidity vs. base ) of the water for a healthier ecology.

The navigation system may then by remote control  for on site observer and or connected thru satellite system to also then avoid weather  causing the system to  "park dock" at pre-determined location to avoid damage from violent weather.

The electric spherical positional system motivated by fuel less electricity to also be able to be screen shielded preventing wild life injury.

The fuel less flight drone then able to transport the dry ice / silt ring to final processing at remote location. Repeated drones may keep the system in motion ...  as soon as one departs full from the balloon another replaces it and the cycle repeats to then give high volume processing of material in a timely fashion.

In effected environments due to the disasters Nuclear energy have caused this type of system with demolition equipment attached to the gondola may in fact be able to clean the effected environment with the capacity to remove the  building and dirt that have become radioactive due to Nuclear power plant meltdown... the design allows for the cost  of the environmental function to then be within reach!