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Phone Key App

Today with so many driving distractions the cell phone a very distracting device either ringing or text notification tone when driving the automobile . Every year people are injured texting or using the phone while driving.

A solve is the "Phone Key App" an application upon the cell phone that the automobile will require within the charging recess that also contains an encrypted locking system before the automobile's ignition system will allow the engine to start. So the cell phone becomes an additional security measure like an additional key for your individual automobile  then required within the cars ignition system while the automobile is in operation.

The App then to not allow the ringing of the phone while in transit in lieu of that the "voice mail / text",  storage system takes an automatic message then as a feature of the app to not miss a phone call,. The "locking code" - combination" will be able to be changed by the driver so that if the physical ignition key is lost or stolen the phone "code key acts as an additional measure of security to prevent automotive theft... This also will disable a "hot wire" of an automobile a common technique of automotive theft.