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Perpetual Automobile

This system uses air pressure to create over unity electricity to drive an electric automobile. The system starts by air pressure vented unto impeller causing rotation of a redesigned electric motor. The electric motor has an advancing field coil caused by a slipping electromagnetic clutch. This advances the launch point of the armature. Connected to the armature drive shaft is another electromagnetic clutch that drives the high voltage generator and a hydraulic pump that feeds hydraulic pressure to the second assembly rotating the field coil of pneumatic centrifugal compressor.  The centrifugal compressor's field coil drive shaft  has a  hydraulic impeller , a generator, and a pneumatic impeller . The  "start" discharge of pneumatic pressure is then transferred   to hydraulic pressure advancing the field coil of the centrifugal compressor. The pneumatic flow is  then impaling an impeller connected to the generator.  The flow  puts higher pressure back into the pressure tank causing perpetuation . At start the battery assist the centrifugal compressor's rotation to cause the required velocity to cause flow in the system. The generator is then powering both electromagnetic clutches , the centrifugal compressor and  redesigned electric motor. These things in result provide perpetual rotation of the high voltage generator producing electricity to power the forward electric motor that drives the car and recharges the battery at the same time.